A Cultural Trip through Chongqing City: 6 Must-visit Sights

China’s biggest "mountain city" Chongqing is one of the three starting cities of Yangtze River Cruise, thus many travelers would like to have a one day Chongqing tour before embark on the luxury ships and begin China’s most legendary voyage.

There are many to explore in Chongqing: the profound, enticing culture, the well-arranged streets and houses melting into the fog (the city is also renowned for heavy fog), the beautiful mountain landscape stretching charmingly, and the excellent spicy foods 

Ciqikou Ancient Town

Built in Song Dynasty, Ciqikou is over 1000 years old, and was an important commercial dock by land and water. Here you can experience the ancient Bayu Culture, local religious life, discover some historical sites of WWII, and many interesting folk activities.

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Chongqing tours to Ciqikou Town 

Highlights: East-Sichuan architecture, wood or bamboo-made dwellings, temple fair during Spring Festival, Sichuan Opera, teahouses, traditional craft like dough figure, oil manufacture, sugar refinery

Zhongshan Four Road

The 800-meter-long street is jammed with historical building and museums, mainly of Anti-Japanese War period during WWII.

Highlights: The museum of Chinese democratic parties, Gui Garden, Zhou Residence, Dai Residence.

Eighteen ladder Road (Shiba Ti)

The best place to see the old Chongqing, it used to be the main street of the city. Its prosperity is far gone, but turns to be a charming cultural street, where you can find stone-slab streets, traditional noodle stalls, the old barber's shops…

Eling Park (Goose Neck Park)

A rich businessman Lee Yaoting built it in 1909 as a private garden, now it becomes a popular public park among locals. Sited in the highest place of the Yuzhong Peninsula, Eling Park is famed for the grandness, steepness, and elegance. Here you can have the best view of the mountainous city Chongqing and the majestic Yangtze.

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Liberation Monument Shopping Area

Around the Liberation Monument, the most important landmark of Chongqing, the city government built China’s first commercial pedestrian street - Jiefangbei Pedestrian Commercial Street. It is ideal for shopping, entertaining and dining. 300 meters away, Chongqing’s most famous food street offers all kinds of local specialty foods and snacks. 

Chongqing Night Scene

Enjoy the wonderful Chongqing night life and the beautiful night scene as the neon is lighted. Best places for the night view include Eling Park, One Tree Observation Deck on Nanshan Mountain, the night cruise, Hongya Cave

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