Guilin Tour Guide Training at Easy Tour China

Every Easy Tour China guide, no matter from big cities like Beijing and Shanghai or at remote places of Yunnan or Tibet, has been carefully chosen and well trained. We wholeheartedly believe that when you travel in China, intending to discover its most-worthwhile destinations and explore China’s splendid cultural traditions, you should travel with an expert guide. Our expert guides make sure you have a care-free China tour and an unforgettable once-in-a-life-time travel experience. That’s why we hold tour guide training from time to time. And this time we’re so glad have Mr. Sunny Sun as our training instructor. 

Who is Mr. Sunny Sun? 

- An pioneer in China inbound tourism and one of the earliest tourism managers in Guilin 

- One of the earliest tour operators in Guilin, offering private tailor-made China tours

- An professional English-speaking guide since 1988

- The previous president of Guilin Tour Guide Association from 1997-2010

- He is now the owner of one of the five tour guide master studios in Guilin 

Back to 1980s, China inbound tourism got started, when China was just reformed and opened up, so there were lack of flights and accommodations. Sunny, one of the earliest team members of Guilin Yangshuo International Travel Service, began his successful and wonderful career as a tourism practitioners. For the last 30 years, he has made great efforts to promote Guilin tourism, crafted and arranged China tours to Sichuan, Yunnan, Zhangjiajie and other China destinations for Canadian travel agent. He was one of the first people to offer leisure bike tours in Yangshuo, opened Guilin’s first foreign language bookstore, and has leaded international travelers throughout the world to discover every corner of Guilin. 

Tour Guide Training – Expertise & Knowledge 

The approach and principles of our guide training is to advance expertise. Despite their knowledge about China and Chinese culture and rich experience in guiding, our tour guides still have a lot to learn and room for improvement. So our instructor Sunny puts forward some practical suggestions, by combining the feedbacks from our clients, as well as some problems from the cases. 

The Future of Tour Guide – to be a Scholar or Expert 

Sunny brings up the idea that our tour guides should become scholars with loads of knowledge, from about culture, history and traditions to local life and people, or become experts in a specific field, such as hiking, cycling and photography. Through these ways, we hope to help our customers to learn more, see more and discover under the skin of China. It will turn out to be an experience-rich travel in China. 

Social Responsibility of China Tour Guide 

When Sunny was the president of Guilin Tour Guide Association, he devoted himself with the whole team to environmental protection and charity – donating clothes and books to underprivileged children, giving suitable help to handicapped in daily life and protecting the environment of Li River, the mother river of Guilin. This is exactly in line with what Easy Tour China stands for – being as a responsible business, and also inspires us to create eco-friendly China tours and philanthropic tours. We encourage travelers from all over the world to customize your own ethical trip to China to see this magical country and support local communities. 

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