Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Tips and FAQs

The novel coronavirus is a newly-found ailment originating from Wuhan China, which the public of China and even the whole world should give a boost to prevention. In order to assist our overseas clients, the expats in China, and all foreigners apprehend and master the relevant knowledge of prevention of Novel Coronavirus, here we have put together the useful tips provided by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Minimize outdoor activities

Avoid visiting areas where the Novel Coronavirus is endemic.

It is suggested to make less visits to relatives and friends and dining together all through the epidemic prevention and control, and remain at home as an awful lot as possible.

Reduce activities in crowded public places, especially places with poor air mobility, such as public baths, hot springs, cinemas, Internet cafes, KTV, shopping malls, stations, airports, docks, exhibition halls, etc.

Personal protection and hand hygiene

Wear a mask outside. People are strongly recommended to wear a surgical mask or N95 mask when going to public places, seeking medical treatment or taking public transportation.

Keep your hands clean and sanitized. Reduce exposure to public goods and parts in public places; After returning from public areas, putting your hands to your mouth when coughing, the use of the restroom, and before meals, please wash your hands with soap or liquid soap underneath running water. Alcoholic hand sanitizer also helps to wash hands, espeically in the public areas. Don’t touch your mouth, nostril or eyes when you are not sure whether or not your hands are clearn or not. Remember to cover your mouth and nose with your elbow when you are sneezing or coughing.

Novel Coronavirus

Health monitoring and medical treatment

Take the initiative to monitor the health of individuals and family members, and take the initiative to measure the temperature when you feel like having a fever. If there are children in your home, touch the child's forehead in the morning and evening, and measure his/her temperature in case of fever.

If there are any suspicious Novel Coronavirus symptoms, you should take the initiative to wear a mask and seek medical treatment at the nearest hospital. Go to medical institutions in time in case of the suspicious symptoms including fever, cough, pharyngeal pain, chest tightness, dyspnea, mild tolerance, fatigue, poor spirit, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, headache, palpitation, conjunctivitis, mild back or limbs muscle pain, etc. And try to avoid taking the subway, bus and other means of transportation, avoid visiting crowded places. When meeting a doctor, take the initiative to tell the doctor about his/her travel and residence history in the endemic area, as well as who he/she came into contact with after his/her illness, and cooperate with the doctor to carry out relevant investigation.

Maintain good hygiene and healthy habits

1. Open the window of your house frequently, and ventilation must be ensured.

2. Make sure your family members do not share towels, keep household and tableware clean, sun-cure your clothes and quilts often.

3. Do not spit. Wrap nasal and mouth secretions in tissue paper and dispose of them in covered garbage bins.

4. Balance your nutrition and exercise moderately indoor.

5. Do not touch, buy or eat wild animals (gamey); Avoid visiting markets where live animals are sold.

6. Always prepare thermometers, surgical masks or N95 masks, household disinfection supplies and other necessary supplies at home.

Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Tips

Novel Coronavirus FAQs

To prevent the Novel Coronaviru, it is more necessary to wear gloves than to wear a mask?

That is not true. Actually you don’t have to wear gloves unless you are in hospital. It is more imporant that you wash hands often, and avoid nose-picking and rubing eyes.

Can people resist the Novel Coronavirus if drinking high-alcohol wine?

75% alcohol does kill the virus, but only we use it on the body surface. The alcohol you drink into your body is absorbed and metabolized, which will not kill the virus.

Can Novel Coronavirus be confirmed with the signals of expectoration and runny noses?

Coughing, expectoration and runny noses are some of the symptoms of Novel Coronavirus, nevertheless, they may be caused by the common cold and flu.

Can central air conditioning spread Novel Coronavirus?

Probably. Therefore, it is suggested that less use or do not use central air conditioning during the epidemic prevention and control period. If you have to use the central air conditioning, make sure you use exhaust fan as well. And open the window of the house frequently.

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