A Note from Easy Tour China Co-founder Ricky Yang on Coronavirus Epidemic

As we all know, now China is witnessing a tough time of fighting against the corona virus (COVID-19). During the pastmonth, most Chinese went through what they had never experienced in their whole life. Due to the strong contagious nature of the virus, the number of new confirmed cases has been spiraling in different provinces of China, especially after the beginning of the Spring Festival Rush (millions of migrant workers need to go back home for family reunion). The governments at all levels immediately took decisive action to curb the spread of virus. Millions of people stayed at home and avoided any non-essential going-out. More measures have been implemented like canceling flights, trains and buses, closing parks, schools, factories, restaurants and other public areas. This is a very special Chinese Lunar New Year holiday for every Chinese people. Most of us had to lock ourselves down at home for more than one month.

On the other hand, tens of thousands of medics from army or other provinces were concentrated and sent, and tons of goods/materials were allocated to Wuhan and other parts of Hubei province, which is the most badly-hit place by the epidemic. The people of the whole country got unprecedentedly united in these days. Many touching stories were wide spread among us. Some medical experts in their 70s, 80s are still working on the frontline, 22 medical doctors sacrificed the lives on their posts in the country, some of them are even less than 30 years old. More than 38,000 healthcare workers from other regions are scattering in the hundreds of hospitals and newly-built makeshift hospitals of Hubei province, assisting the local medical services to treat the patients. They were highly praised as “the heroes in harm’s way” by China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Wang Yi in his recent speech.

After the painstaking joint efforts of the whole country, now we can hear more and more good news in all aspects. Just like what Dr. Bruce Aylward said, “This approach of all-of-government and all-of-society has probably prevented at least tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of cases”. He is the Head of the WHO-China Joint Mission on COVID-19’s foreign expert panel. Until Feb 26, there have been 78630 confirmed patients in China, and 32531 people recovered. The new confirmed/suspected cases have kept dropping down in the past days. Dr. Aylward also mentioned “It is not to praise China. It is to open the door so the rest of the world can realize there is something that can be done as people are starting to despair”. The famous epidemiologist of China - Dr. Zhong Nanshan predicted that in April very possibly the epidemic will be put under control. If this really happens, the people’s life will be turned back to normal by then. 

"But still business for 2020 will be tough," Ricky said, when he was interviewed by TTG Mice (https://www.ttgmice.com/2020/03/03/chinese-mice-players-keep-their-spirits-up/). Although China domestic travel will see an explosive growth later in the year, once the virus is under control, Ricky forecasted that inbound travel will not recover in the coming three months. To anwer TTG Mice’s question about how Easy Tour China is coping with the epidemic and current situation, Ricky shared: “We have some profit from last year kept in reserve which can be used for salary payment this year.” 

ETC team really appreciates all your support to our business. If you will come or have a travel plan to visit China in the near future, we hope you can postpone your trip. After the final triumph over the virus, we will welcome you all with open arms to see this wonderful country with colorful culture, rich history, as well as friendly, responsible and tenacious Chinese people.

We look forward to meeting you in China in the future.

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