Cathy's Travel Story: Marvel at Hanging Temple of Mount Heng, Datong

Hanging Temple or Hanging Monastery is one of the impressed sites on my trip to North of China at the end of 2011.The temple, about 65 kilometers from Datong city, was built into a cliff near Mt.Hengshan over 1500 years ago. It is notable not only for its location on a sheer precipice but also because it includes Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian elements. The structure is kept in place with wooden crossbeams fitted into holes chiseled into the cliffs. The main supportive structure was hidden!

The construction of Hanging Temple started at the end of the Northern Wei Dynasty (386 - 557). Many repairs and extension from different dynasties were made. But, it was damaged during the Cultural Revolution. Most parts of the current structure dates from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1921).

Nowadays, it becomes a popular tourist sites. Due to its wooden construction, the numbers of tourists have been limited for security reasons during the peak season.

Local people said it is much comfortable to stay in the temple in summer. I agree. When I was in the temple, I feel it is much colder in winter, but the nearby scenery is amazing! 

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