Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon and Phoenix
Chinese Dragon and Phoenix
Deeply rooted in Chinese culture, dragon and phoenix were regarded as the most scared animals and used to be emblems of emperor and empress. The Chinese dragon is traditionally the embodimen
Chinese Dragon VS Western Dragon
Chinese Dragon VS Western Dragon - What are the Similarities and Differences
Despite that they were both created in mythologies, Chinese dragon and Western dragon have different roots and origins, different appearances, different cultural connotations, and different
Chinese Dragon Design on Bronze Ware
Chinese Dragon Design - the Mysterious Symbol on Bronze Wares
Explore the mysterious symbol on Chinese bronze wares - dragon design, and see what they look like in different periods of Chinese history.
Carps Jumping Over the Dragon Gate
Top Three Legends of Chinese Loong (Dragons)
The most famous legends of Chinese Dragons include Lord Ye’s Love of Dragons (叶公好龙), Zhang Sengyou’s Painting the Dragons (张僧繇的“画龙点晴”), and Carps Jumping Over
Gold-plated Bronze Dragon
Evolution of Chinese Dragon
Experts thought there were roughly two origins of the dragons. One was from the crocodile and the other was from the snake. Now most people believe that the dragon is a totem complex with th
Dragon Head Decoration on Boat
Chinese Dragon Art and Culture
Dragon has been in the Chinese culture, art and Chinese soul: there are about 300 dragon events recorded in the official history of China, let alone the dragon mythologies, tales and stories
Panloong sunk panel
Dragon in Ancient Chinese Architecture
Chinese architecture is one of the three major architectural systems in the world. And, “dragon” can be seen everywhere of traditional Chinese architecture.
Qiu (Chinese Dragon)
Chinese Dragon Types
The ancient Chinese emperors called themselves the "Real Dragon Emperor", but what kind of dragons are they? How many kinds of dragons are there in China? Let's read this article to find out
Chinese Porcelain Dragon Pattern Pot of Ming Dynasty
Evolution of Dragon Images on Chinese Ceramic and Porcelain
Dragon images can be found on all kinds of unearthed relics in different historical periods. Ceramic and porcelain are two main subjects to study the evolution of Chinese dragon images and s
Chinese Draon in Feng Shui
Chinese Dragon in Feng Shui
This article helps you better understand some key meanings of Chinese dragon in Feng Shui, and shows you how to employ a dragon statue to improve the Feng Shui of your space.

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    Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai
    Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Yangshuo, Shanghai