China Performing Arts

When you think of China performing arts, you might imagine kung fu shows and acrobatics. However, in the thousands-of-years-long history of China, Chinese people have created countless diverse forms of performing art in China, and each performance art has many different schools and styles.

Among all the traditional performing arts in China, Chinese opera, puppetry, acrobatic show, shadow puppetry, Chinese folk music, Chinese talking and singing art, and the dance and drama of ethnic minorities are the best. Let’s check out the list of the most fascinating Chinese performing arts:

Chinese Kung Fu
Chinese Kung Fu
Chinese Kung Fu, also called Chinese Martial Arts or Wushu, is an important and unique component of Chinese cultural heritage with a rich content that has remained untarnished over the centuries.
Chinese Opera
Chinese Opera
Synthetically being consisted of ancient literature, traditional Chinese dance, music, fine arts, kung fu, acrobatics and performance art, the Chinese opera boasts more than 360 genres, which co-exist in the vast land of the country.
Chinese Acrobatics
Chinese Acrobatics
Chinese acrobatics is a gem of China traditional performing arts with a long history of more than 2000 years. It is also one of the most popular art forms among people.
Traditional Chinese Dance
Chinese Traditional Dances
Tradational Chinese dance culture has a long history. Its group characteristics mainly express in three aspects: the creation, the performance, and the spread, and is a perfect combination of song, music and dance.
Chinese Shadow Plays
Chinese Shadow Play
Chinese shadow play is a folk art that is acted by nifty silhouette figures made from leather or paper, accompanied by quaint old-world percussion and string music and singing, and tells an assortment of tales and stories.

Experience China Performing Arts with China Tours

China has long been a nation with rich cultures in all aspects. When touring in China, you may want to immerse yourself in its unique cultures, sample local food, participate in dances... It would also be great to enjoy a few traditional Chinese live performances that you will remember for a lifetime.

    Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, Yangtze Cruise, Shanghai, Guilin/Yangshuo, Hong Kong
    Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Yangshuo, Shanghai
    Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai