How to Visit a Chinese Family in China

In China, when a person wants to visit someone, the first question in his mind is what clothes are most perfect or suitable. He will take a lot of time to choose the clothes they like and even ask others to get some suggestions. The host also is troubled by the same question. He wants to show his hospitality to the guest, so the suitable cloth will make him seem polite to others, and also make the guest think they are respected by the host. So, the Chinese usually ignore the punctuality, they spend too much time in choosing the cloth.

Visit a Chinese family

Making an Appointment

In China, if you want to visit somebody, you should make an appointment to make sure the time, the place and the number of people. In generally, the place is also determined by the host. But long time ago, people don’t make a notice or appointment in China, and if the host is not at home, he even should apologize to the guest. In a formal occasion, you’d better don’t let your children with you, maybe you can leave them at home. And also, the time you choose should be acceptable, and try your best to avoid the rest time or eating time.

Welcoming the Guest

When the guest comes, the whole family will come out and make greeting to the guest. After the guest came home, hosts should find a seat to let the guest sit down, and then offered tea and cigarette. Drinking tea with guest is China’s traditional custom, and the host also offering all kinds of fruits to the guest. At this time, the guest should say some words to refuse such as “I don’t need it”, “it troubles you too much”.

Sending Gifts

Chinese always pay more attention to choose the gifts which have practical values, while the westerners tend to pay more attention to the memorial values. Normally the Chinese feel that if you open the gift as soon as it is given, you might embarrass the person who gives the gift and you might be thought greedy. So, Chinese people tend to open the gifts after the visitors have left.

Making a Farewell

In China, when the guest says that he must go, he would take actions right now unless the host said “don’t go” again and again. If the guest insists to go, the host can stand up after the guest stands up and persuade the guest to stay longer.

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