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China Travel Testimonials

See what our customers say in our Testimonial/feedback section! Below are some REAL feedback written by our customers who traveled China with us! We are grateful to share their experiences in China, including the review of our service, attractions, guides, hotels, activities and food.


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  • Two friends adventured themselves to the Silk Road and Tibet in late October, 2006

    Client: Jörgen Kunath and Anthony Ma Nationality: United Kingdom
    Tour Dates: October 19 , 2006 -- August 29 , 2006
    Tour Planner: Ricky
    Itinerary: Tibet and Silk Road Adventure

    Dear Ricky,
    We have just returned from the Far East.
    We greatly enjoyed travelling with your company. In particular we found all the guides to be very efficient, courteous and knowledgeable. The only inconvenience we had in Lhasa was that the hotel was very cold. Heating is only av ...

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  • A British family had an odyssey tour all over China in the summer vacation of July, 2006

    Client: Rebecca Duffy Nationality: United Kingdom
    Tour Dates: July 17 , 2006 -- July 28 , 2006
    Tour Planner: Amy

    Dear Amy,
    I am writing to let you know that our trip around China was truly amazing. We were continuously impressed by the beauty and service. Most of the hotels were excellent. They were extremely clean (bedding) and had adequate restaurants. The hotel in Lhasa; however, had only a Chines ...

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  • A British family enjoyed their tour in August, 2006

    Client: Leigh Hopper Nationality: United Kingdom
    Tour Dates: August 7 , 2006 -- August 16 , 2006
    Tour Planner: Charlie

    Dear Charlie
    Good to hear from you. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to China , and particularly meeting you and Ricky.
    Well looked after by all your guides, but it would help if they wrote our names in large print, or even better typed when meeting at the airport!
    English ge ...

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  • Two British Families had a wonderful time in Chengdu and Guilin in April 2006!

    Client: Mel Nationality: United Kingdom
    Tour Dates: April 11 , 2006 -- April 17 , 2006
    Tour Planner: Ricky
    Itinerary: Chengdu Guilin Tour

    Hello! Ricy,
    Thank you. We all really enjoyed our tour! Our guides, May in Chengdu and Michael in Guilin, were excellent. We really appreciated their flexibility over the schedule (as many activities took - I think - longer than usual, with two young children). The guides were very informa ...

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  • 2 European clients experienced ancient civilization and colorful culture in Luoyang in March, 2006!

    Client: Cristina Nationality: United Kingdom
    Tour Dates: March 7 , 2006 -- March 9 , 2006
    Tour Planner: Wei
    Itinerary: Luoyang City Tour

    Dear Wei,
    We have got a very nice time in our Longmen trip. Our tour guide and driver were very kind.
    We wish you to thanks every one for this.
    When my daughter knows when are they coming, we will send you an e-mail for our next trip.
    Best regards,

    Cristi ...

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  • A British couple took a pleasant advanturous excursion in North China by train

    Client: Keith A Nationality: United Kingdom
    Tour Dates: September 7 , 2005 -- September 17 , 2005
    Tour Planner: Ricky
    Itinerary: China Train Trip

    Thanks for your e-mail.
    Helen and I had a great time in China, the tour wawhat we wanted and the guides were excellent so no worries there. However, by the end we were both pretty exhausted.
    There was nothing wrong with the accommodation in Shanghai and it was very clean ...

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