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China Travel Testimonials

See what our customers say in our Testimonial/feedback section! Below are some REAL feedback written by our customers who traveled China with us! We are grateful to share their experiences in China, including the review of our service, attractions, guides, hotels, activities and food.


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  • An expat family from New Zealand had a wonderful summer holiday in Guilin in August, 2012

    Client: Gail Cross Nationality: New Zealand
    Tour Dates: August 14 , 2012 -- August 16 , 2013
    Tour Planner: James
    Itinerary: Guilin Tours

    Good Morning James!

    Where to begin......  John has returned to work today and Hannah and Helen are back to their respective Homes and Work so its time for me to say a huge THANK YOU James!

    We have had a truly wonderful summer holiday and I have to say we enjoyed the sout ...

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  • 2 Indian clients thanked us for the wonderful service from Easy Tour China in August, 2012

    Client: Pushpa Nationality: India
    Tour Dates: August 19 , 2012 -- August 21 , 2012
    Tour Planner: Alliance
    Itinerary: Mt.Huangshan - Hangzhou

    Hi alliance

    Wanted to thank you for the wonderful coordination and arrangement of our tour. Unfortunately, the weather spoilt it a bit. .. But thank you once again. And look forward to contacting you again when we next come to China.
    Really appreciate your speed of resp ...

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  • An Italian couple enjoyed their vacation to Guizhou and Guilin in July, 2012

    Client: Tiziana Nationality: Italy
    Tour Dates: July 6 , 2012 -- July 11 , 2012
    Tour Planner: Cathy
    Itinerary: Guizhou + Guilin Tours

    Hi Cathy,

    Thank you very much for your present and your nice service.

    We are very enjoyed of the vacation with your offered trip, it is very interesting and fantastic.

    The only small problem with the driver and the guide in Guizhou, because Dylan is not professiona ...

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  • An Indian family of 4 were very satified with their trip to Guangzhou in July, 2012

    Client: Mrs. Singh Nationality: India
    Tour Dates: July 1 , 2012 -- July 5 , 2012
    Tour Planner: Alliance
    Itinerary: Guangzhou City Tours

    Dear Ms. Alliance,
    Sorry for the late reply. Regarding our trip to Guangzhou we feltvery much satisfied with the kind of service and arrangement p ...

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  • An expat family from New Zealand appreciated our help with their holiday in China

    Client: Gail Nationality: New Zealand
    Tour Dates: June 14 , 2012 -- June 22 , 2012
    Tour Planner: James

    Good Morning James,

    I am all excited and packing my suitcase finally today! Hooray!

    Thank you so much for all your help with our holiday James!
    I just feel so blessed to be alive and finally getting on this holiday and all your help is so much appreciated!

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  • Two Mexican clients were very happy with the trip in China from late June to July, 2012

    Client: Angel Nationality: Mexico
    Tour Dates: June 24 , 2012 -- July 10 , 2012
    Tour Planner: Sarina
    Itinerary: Hangzhou, Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng, Chengdu, Lijiang, Shangrila

    Hi Sarina:

    Danna and Aileen just returned back to Mexico. Aileen after one month vacation and Danna after a year studying in Shanghai.

    Both returned very happy with the places they visted in the tour and both are full of pictures and nice experiences and memories to share wit ...

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