Experience the magic and exotic charm of Sama Festival of Dong ethnic minority group on the 5 days tour through the wild yet captivating land of Guizhou. This is probably not our best-selling trips of Guizhou, but you will definitely crazy about it when participating one of world’s most special festivals celebrated at the tiny remote village. Prepare to love the Dong wooden architecture, their dance and music of Kam Grand Choir, exquisite embroidery dress, and the always friendly and smiling local people. Besides, you will also venture into Basha Miao village for another ethnic culture exploration.

Duration: 5 days & 4 nights

Destinations: Guiyang - Rongjiang – Zhaoxing – Guiyang/Guilin

Sama Festival Date: December 18 

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Your guide will pick you up at hotel or railway station, and drive to Rongjiang, neighboring Congjiang, Liping, Leishan, Sandu and Libo counties, in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. Rongjiang is a history-rich land inhabited mainly by Miao, Dong, Shui and Yao ethnic people.

Pay a visit to Dali Dong Village, one of the most beautiful villages in China. You can see blue-tile wooden buildings of railing type amid four hundred soaring ancient trees. Discover yourself the Qing Dynasty stone-pave path, Dong courtyards, and the famous ancient wind-and-rain bridges.

Meal: D

Today is time to experience Sama Festival, also named Women’s Day of Dong people celebrated at Chejiang Dong Village, the most densely populated place of Dong nationality in China, hence also named Qianhu (One-thousand Families) Dong Village. Here begins with the grand celebration – married women and a few respected village elders, dressed in bright, colorful (even exaggerated) traditional costumes (made of intricate embroidery cloth), with various kinds of headwear. The sacrifice offered to Sama, a custom left behind from the ancient matriarchal social period, is the most important activity. Sama, according to Dong history, was a brave female leader, and now considered as the protection god, unity god and entertainment god of Dong. Sometimes, locals from nearby villages will dress up as beggars, clothed in straw, beg from the village elders for wine, and in return, they sing beautiful songs. Enjoy yourself the happy atmosphere, unique customs and music. Then at the evening, join the locals having dinner at long-table banquet – the tables are connected together filled with lots of dishes.

Meal: B, L, D

Rongjiang Sama Festival of Dong people

This morning, head for Tingdong or Xiajiang for the bustling fair at market-day (according to Chinese lunar calendar). It is interesting that people, many in their ethnic costumes, from nearby Miao and Dong villages gather together to buy and sell home-made/planted goods, such as saplings, vegetables, meat, Tabacco weeds, barbecue, colorful embroidery clothes, silver ornaments, etc.

Continue the trip, and come to Huanggang Dong Village in Liping County, unknown to the world, with Dong drum towers, Flower Bridge, old customs and traditional costumes (with silver ornaments) remained intact. Enjoy the beautiful music of Kam Grand Choir, a traditional polyphonicchoral performance, with a history of over 2500 years. Without any instruments, the music showcases dreamy melody. Then visit Basha Miao Village, to experience the mysterious Miao culture. Basha Miao is known as “The Last Gunman Tribe under the Sun”. At this remote village, you may see the men carry firearms, and have their hair cut into a special bun with sickle. Basga miao people worship of nature, especially the ancient trees, which are the gods for them. The bun hairstyle symbolize the trees growing on earth. So they usually dress in green and brown colors. Arrive at Zhaoxing later today.

Meal: B, L

Basha Miao Village

With a history of over 850 years, Zhaoxing is considered the most important Dong Village in China. Enjoy yourself a nice walk through the village to admire the magnificent Dong drum tower complex, the traditional village layout, waterwheel, traditional crafts, find specialty foods and snacks, and experience the humble local way of living. Later today, transfer to Tang'an Dong Village, with an excellent natural ecological environment, where you can discover traditional Dong dwellings, flower bridge, old water well, ancient tombs, terraced fields, etc. Overnight in Zhaoxing.

Meal: B, L

Zhaoxing Dong Village

Drive back to Guiyang to fly to your next destination. 

Or we recommend you extend your Guizhou trip to Guilin, famous both for its karst landscape and Longji Rice Terraces. 

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