This 10-day Mongolia Adventure Tour giving a breathtaking view of ancient and beautiful country by experiencing featured activities and visiting stunning places. Traveling in exciting ways like camping, living in ger camp, horse & camel riding, hiking and local family visit, you can experience a real nomadic lifestyle, and appreciate the amazing natural scenery by visiting Bayan Gobi, Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes, Lake Ogii and so forth at the same time. Culture learning is also full of this journey with Erdene Zuu monastery, Tuvkhon monastery. Let’s join this adventure tour in Mongolia now!

Duration: 10 days & 9 nights

Destinations: Ulaanbaatar - Bayan Gobi - Karakorum - Ulaanbaatar

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When you arrive in Ulaanbaatar, you’ll be met at the airport or rail station after custom formalities and transfer to the hotel.

Take a short rest, and then start your Mongolia tour through some of the principal sights of this unique city! You’ll first visit the Gandan Monastery, which houses a 26-meter-high gilded statue of the Buddha. After that, see the Genghis Khan monument on the Sukhbaatar Square and the Museum of National History, owning a number of fascinating displays of traditional Mongolian clothing and weaponry, as well as exhibits charting the course of Genghis Khan's empire-building.

Meal: L, D

Pick you up in the early morning, and drive toward central Mongolia. Drive about 150 km, you can reach the start point of today’s cycling trail. After a short break, let’s start biking for around 50 km. Enjoy the wilderness and meet with nomads along the way. We’ll stay in an outdoor tent tonight; appreciate the stars on the sky.

Meal: B, L, D

Elsen Tasarkhai

After the breakfast, continue the cycling. You still need to cycle 50 km today. Your route follows the edge of the forest, through the grasslands. You can see herders grazing, cattle and sheep walking on the mountains and grass. What a vivid life on the steppe! In the end of the cycling, put up the tent and enjoy the dinner.

Meal: B, L, D

In the morning, let’s have a camel riding along the Bayan Gobi sand dunes onto the Khogno Khan Mountain. This place is a picturesque combination of Mongol Els sand dunes, rocky mountains of Khogno Khaan, green meadows and lovely lakes. it’s a relaxing and interesting trip. And then visit the Erdene – Khamba Monastery Ruins, a red rocky mountain which is 1969m long and 46.500 hectare natural reserve. You can see varieties of animals here and enjoy magical landform changings on today’s trip. In the end, return to the tent on camel back, have dinner and rest.

Meal: B, L, D

Today, drive to the south, heading toward Tuvkhun Monastery. On the way, you’ll visit to nomadic families, experience their way of nomadic lifestyle and try dairy products and Airag – famous Mongolian drink made from mare’s fermented milk. Taste Airag and learn Mongolian traditional game “Khuruu” and have your own little “Khuruu” contest. Stay overnight at ger camp and have dinner.

Meal: B, L, D

Mongolia Family Visit

Have breakfast at the ger camp, and then take a short drive to Tuvkhun Monastery in the ardent Khangai Mountain range crossing the renowned Orkhon River. The green valley of the Orkhon is the cradle for many nomadic states including the Turks and the Mongols. We start hiking up to the mountain. It takes 5-6 hrs for this hiking trip; you can visit the valley and Tuvkhun Monastery on the way. Tuvkhun Monastery is an ancient temple partially restored giving a stunning view of the surrounding landscape to which one can get by hiking or horseback riding. Stay overnight at the tent.

Meal: B, L, D

This morning, we drive to ancient capital Karakorum for 1.5 hrs. The remains of the capital that stood at the crossroads of the Silk Road are extensive underground archaeological assets and two granite turtles that once stood at the main gate to the city. You’ll first visit Legendary Monastery Erdene Zuu, the first Buddhist monastery in Central Mongolia founded in 1586, and its surroundings the Turtle Rock and the Phallic Stone etc. The Four of these turtle sculptures used to mark the boundaries of ancient Karakorum, acting as protectors of the city (turtles are considered symbols of eternity). Have lunch at a ger camp along the Orkhon River. Then, meet with our horses and horse guide, start horse riding to the pristine Ogii Lake. Stay overnight at the tent in the wilderness.

Meal: B, L, D

Breakfast in the morning. And experience a real nomadic life by a full day of horse riding toward Ogii Lake. It’s a fish-rich lake attracting lots of birds. It’s a good place to take pictures and it’s considered as a place of worship of local people. You’ll ride for 25 – 35 km today and spend overnight at tent nearby nomadic family. Experience nomadic lifestyle and interact with them.

Meal: B, L, D

Mongolia Horse Riding

After breakfast, drive back to Ulaanbaatar in 4 – 5 hrs and transfer to the hotel. Then you’ll have free time to explore the city on your own until the  folklore performance in the evening. Enjoy traditional folklore concert by the magical Tumen Ekh ensemble. In the end, have a farewell dinner.

Meal: B, L, D

Free day in the morning, and our guide and driver will pick you at the hotel at the appointed time and transfer to the airport or train station. 

Meal: B

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