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Top Food to Eat in Guilin

Besides the limestone peaks and crystal rivers, Guilin's local cuisine is quite special:Yangshuo Beer FishYangshuo Beer Fish is the most famous dish in Yangshuo. It is made from fresh caught Li River carp. The fresh fish is fried in a wok along with beer, hot and green peppers, garlic, onions, celery, tomatoes, soy, and sugar. Most of the time the fish is served whole containing bones, but the d ...
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Xian Dumpling Banquet

Jiaozi, Chinese dumplings with meat and vegetable fillings, is a traditional Chinese food with around 2,000-year history. The dumpling can be anything from a quick snack to a delicacy, and eaten at any time of the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is quite popular in China, and also loved by most of foreign tourists. And, the most famous dumpling serving is in Xian - dumpling banquet.Develop ...
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A Brief Introduction of Chinese Cuisines and Cooking

The Chinese saying "food is heaven for the people" is no exaggeration. Chinese people, at all levels of society, enjoy eating delicious food. And cooking has developed into a very sophisticated art.The development and diversity of Chinese cuisine is also representative of China’s long history. With each dynasty, new recipes were created. However, the most significant development in Chinese cuis ...
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