What to Pack for a Trip to China

First trip to China? Whether you are going to have one of the most classic Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai tours, or carve your way through some of China’s exotic and wild destinations like Yunnan and Tibet, you are going to have a great fun. Imagining about the upcoming memorable China tour would make you thrilled!

However, packing would be so struggling no matter how many times you’ve done this before. Just the thought of having to pack for traveling to China, a completely unknown world, could be emotionally draining. The good news: Easy Tour China got you covered with a list of absolute must-have travel items for China and what not to pack.

Before packing for China travel, make a checklist, and make it as short as possible. So you can concentrate on the most important and necessary things and find yourself being organized and efficient. You can use this page of China packing list as an inspiration.

To keep you on the right track, you should gather related information about your destinations in China and check with your travel agency. If you already booked a China tour package with us, you can check your preparation with your 1-on-1 China travel expert at Easy Tour China and get some local knowledge and particularly useful tips with your China packing list.

“Must-Have” Travel Essentials for China Travel

  • Travel documents: Passport, China visa, and other necessary documents;
  • Wallet, credit cards, and a small sum of cash. Popular currencies can be easily exchanged into Chinese currency at the international airport.
  • International airline tickets;
  • Print out your Confirmation Letter sent by Easy Tour China which contains all your tour information, including your China tour itinerary, address and telephone number of your tour agency & travel consultant, and names, addresses, phone numbers and confirmation numbers of all the places you’ll be staying throughout your trip in China.
  • Copies of all important materials, such as passport, visa, credit card numbers, etc. It’s strongly suggested that you save a backup to your email account or online storage.
  • Bring along at least one passport photo on the off-chance you lose it;
  • Contact list of your family and friends, doctor, embassy, etc.
  • Luggage lock for zipper
  • Protective face masks to protect you from pollution and Coronavirus. Disposable face masks are recommended.
  • Electronics

  • Smartphone: Better make sure it’s unlocked so you can use a prepaid SIM card in China to stay connected whiling traveling in China;
  • Digital camera;
  • Extra batteries;
  • Portable charger;
  • Travel adapter plugs to fit your power plug with China’s power outlet. Mainland China uses 220V and 50Hz electricity supply.
  • Clothing

    What to wear in China? China is a big country with a total area of 9,596,961 square kilometers. The clothes you pack for China travel depends on the time of year you are traveling and destinations you are planning to visit. Check the climate of your destination before packing clothes for China.

  • Not too much clothing;
  • Dress casually, unless you are traveling to China for business, important events, or planning on going to upscale restaurants;
  • Seasonal clothes which are durable and dry easily. Not every hotel in China has laundry service or washing machine. If using the sink in your room to hand wash clothes, you won’t like clothes take forever to dry.
  • Sturdy, comfortable walking shoes. Some trips to China may involve lots of walking on uneven surfaces, such as a wild section of Great Wall walk and hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan;
  • Sunglasses and hat for sunny seasons, and they are necessary all year round when you travel to Tibet;
  • Waterproof light jacket for rainy seasons.
  • Toiletries

    If you are conscious of familiar experience, bring your own toiletries and make-up kits when visiting China.

  • Toothbrush
  • Quick dry travel towel
  • Moisturizing Products
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Razor
  • Medications

  • Prescribed medications;
  • Medicines for emergency use, like aspirin, anti-inflammatory, remedy for diarrhea and allergy.
  • Mosquito repellent, particularly during summer time and for visiting rural areas in China.
  • Your medical record (Blood Group, Allergies, and Known Medical Conditions); Your doctor’s email address and phone number.
  • Carry-on Bag

  • Travel neck pillow;
  • A Day or Two of Toiletries;
  • Earplugs;
  • Eye mask;
  • In-flight entertainment, e.g. an iPad loaded with reading materials, movies and games.
  • Note:
    Put all your important materials in the carry-on bag.

    China Packing List Worth Considering

    These are the items are not must-have for packing but might be helpful.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): Some websites and apps (such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) won’t work in China without a VPN.
  • Small lightweight daypack, which you can also use it as carry-on bag for airplane and store all your important materials.
  • WeChat account sign-up: A popular instant messaging app to let you connect with your China travel consultant and tour guides.
  • Guidebook with maps and place names in Chinese characters to ask directions on the street or give directions to a taxi driver.
  • Zippered plastic bags to waterproof travel documents and electronics;
  • Alcohol wipes;
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Wait to Buy in China

  • Slides for showers
  • Umbrella
  • Pocket tissues: many public toilets in China have no toilet paper
  • General Packing Tips for China Travel

  • Pack light. When booking a private China tour with Easy Tour China, we’ll try our best to arrange luggage porter service at train stations in China for boarding and disembarking if you have heavy luggage or as you required. However, it’s still possible that you need to carry your luggage up and down stairs, including in metro stations and railway stations where there are no porters. You would definitely want something that you can handle comfortably.
  • Familiarize yourself with carry-on and checked luggage allowance of your airline.
  • Must-know for train travel in China: China Train Baggage Allowance & Policy
  • Check related customs regulations on the official website of the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC): http://english.customs.gov.cn/.
  • Don’t bring lots of cash;
  • Purchase travel insurance to ensure a safe and secure vacation in China;
  • Leave room in your suitcase for gifts, souvenirs and maybe some local clothing;
  • Keep expensive jewelry at home.
  • For more China packing tips and recommendations, check out our packing tips for Tibet travel.

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