Sichuan Hot Pot

Hop pot is a winter favorite in Sichuan. The ingredients for hot pots of different styles are mainly beef, mutton, seafood and vegetables. The boiling stock of Cantonese hotpot is light in taste, while the Sichuan hotpot features hot and spicy stock to enhance the flavor of the meat and vegetables. Diners choose their own selection of meat and vegetables and dip them into the boiling pot at their table.

A special spice known as huā jiāo ("flower pepper" or Sichuan Pepper, or Prickly Ash) is added in the Sichuan hot pot. Combined with spicy ingredients like chili, it creates a sensation on the tongue that is both spicy and burns and numbs slightly, almost like carbonated beverages.

If you visit Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province, don't miss the authentic Sichuan Hot pot, this is a great challenge for your tongue!

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