Xian Culinary Tour for Century-old Dishes and Snacks

Joining a gourmet tour to Xian is considered one of the great pleasures when travelling in China. Here the food bears a long history and unique flavor, with dozens of restaurants handed down through several dynasties. Each of the dishes and snacks has a story, and offers a good way to discover ancient Xian’s folk culture and extraordinary history (used to be the capital of 16 kingdoms). Moslem Street (Huimin Jie) is the most famous food street in Xian, and an unmissable attraction of the city.  

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1. Cold rice noodles (liang pi, 凉皮) – dating back to Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC), as tribe to Qin Shihuang, the First Emperor of Qin

What to eat in Xian

2. Chinese hamburger with cured meet (la rou jia mo, 腊肉夹馍) – Chinese cured meat was invented in Warring States Period (475-221BC), and a perfect partner to the rou jia mo

The most popular food in Xian China

3. Ma shi (麻食) – a traditional Han snack in Xian dating back to Yunan Dynasty (127-1368)

Gourmet tour to China

4. Noodles with ingredients (Saozi mian, 臊子面) – from a legend that ancestors fought against an evil dragon, and finally killed it and cooked it with noodles

the noodles in Xian

5. Cobblestone steamed bun (shi zi mo, 石子馍) – cooked on cobblestone, a trace of Stone Age cooking method

China Xian cuisine

6. Paomo (泡馍) - a specialty of Shaanxi cuisine, with mutton or beef soup

Best-known snacks in Xian

7. Chrysanthemum hot pot (ju hua guo, 菊花锅) – chrysanthemum is not only a traditional herbal medicine, but also a kind of tasty vegetable. This dish also include toufu, bean vermicelli, fried sheets of bean curd, chicken soup, etc.

Hot pot in Xian

8. Dumpling banquet (jiao zi yan, 饺子宴) – dumplings with 108 different kinds of flavoers

Xian dumpling Banquet restaurants

9. Jin xian you ta (金线油塔) – dating back to over 1400 years during Tang Dynasty

Must-try Xian food

10. Qian zhou guo kui (乾州锅盔) - easy for transportation and preservation, thus popular among the soldiers in the old times

Xian street food

11. He le (饸饹) – one of the three great noodles in North China, along with Lanzhou hand pull noodles and Shanxi shaved noodles

Popular Xian dishes

12. Steamed pork with rice flour (fen zheng rou, 粉蒸肉) – legend has that it was created by Arab traders on their way to the capital Chang’an (today’s Xian) in Tang Dyansty.

China Xian culinary tours

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