MICHELIN Guide Beijing & Shanghai 2020

As we all know, the MICHELIN Guide is a useful brochure for those who are foodies or food lovers. The latest MICHELIN Guide 2020 of China has just released recently, including three stars, two stars, one star and Bib Gourmand restaurants in Beijing and Shanghai. Therefore, when you explore Chinese history and culture, enjoy beautiful sceneries in these two big cities in China; you can also look for an amazing food tour at the same time.

Though not all the restaurants in the 2020 MICHELIN Guide are the best in the mind of most locals, the Beijing and Shanghai’s lists of the MICHELIN Guide are selected by western gourmets and experts on Restaurant mostly; the selections will be approved and favored by most people who usually prefer western tastes. Follow the list and look for amazing MICHELIN restaurants when visiting Beijing & Shanghai. Contact us to customize your own China food tour!

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Beijing tasting is one of the most essential cultural symbols of Beijing. This time, MICHELIN comes to Beijing aiming to explore a new world of foods for everyone. The judges walk into Hutongs, quadrangle courtyards and modern shopping malls, trying various local favourites, traditional imperial cuisine and other types of cuisines, and catch the sense of particularity which represents the attitude of Beijing. In MICHELIN Guide Beijing 2020, in total of 23 establishments have been rated as stared restaurants, and 15 restaurants have received Bib Gourmand.

2020 MICHELIN Guide Beijing

Three Stars

Xin Rong Ji (Xinyuan South Road) 新荣记(新源南路)

2020 MICHELIN Guide Beijing Restaurant

Two Stars

King's Joy 京兆尹

Shanghai Cuisine 屋里厢

2020 MICHELIN Guide Beijing Restaurant

One Star

Cai Yi Xuan 采逸轩

Cui Hua Lou 萃华楼

Da Dong (Gongti East Road) 大董(工体东路)

Da Dong (Dongsi 10th Alley) 大董(东四十条)

Family Li Imperial Cuisine (Xicheng) 厉家菜(西城)

Fu Chun Ju 富春居

Huaiyang Fu 淮扬府

Il Ristorante - Niko Romito

In Love (Gongti East Road) 湘爱(工体东路)

Jing Yaa Tang京雅堂

Lao Ji Tang 老吉堂

Lei Garden (Jinbao Tower) 利苑(金宝大厦)


Poetry‧Wine 拾久

Seventh Son 家全七福

Sheng Yong Xing (Chaoyang) 晟永兴(朝阳)

The Beijing Kitchen 北京厨房

The Georg

Xin Rong Ji (Jianguomenwai Street) 新荣记(建国门外大街店)

Xin Rong Ji (Jinrong Street) 新荣记(金融大街)

2020 MICHELIN Guide Beijing Restaurant

Bib Gourmand selection

Bao Du Feng Jin Sheng Long (Ande Road) 爆肚金生隆(安德路)

Bao Yuan 宝源

Bei Xin Qiao Lu Zhu 北新桥卤煮

Gong De Lin 功德林(前门东大街)

Jing Yi 静一


Chai Shi Feng Wei Zhai (Hai Dian) 柴氏风味斋 (海淀)

Liu Quan Ju 柳泉居

Fang Zhuang Chang No.69 Zha Jiang Mian 方砖厂69号炸酱面

Rong Xiao Guan (Baiziwan South 2nd Road) 荣小馆 (百子湾南二路)

Hong Guan 红馆

Tian Chu Miao Xiang Vegetarian (Chaoyang) 天厨妙香素食 (朝阳)

Xi Yuan Ju (Qianmen Main Street) 玺源居 (前门大街)

Yin San Dou Zhi 尹三豆汁

Yu Hua Tai (Xicheng) 玉华台 (西城)


Shanghai is called “the magical city” among Chinese young people because its remarkable speed of development has made the city a new look every day. This year, with MICHELIN Guide Shanghai 2020 announced, 40 restaurants have been selected to be stared, and 24 Bib Gourmand restaurants; the number is much higher than before. The distinctive Ultraviolet maintains its status as a three-star restaurant for its quality dishes, considerable service and mysterious place. Let’s check what the others are.

2020 MICHELIN Guide Shanghai

Three Stars

Ultraviolet By Paul Pairet

Two Stars

Canton 8 (Runan Street) (喜粤8号(汝南街))

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine (Huangpu) 御宝轩(黄浦)

Ji Pin Court (NEW) 吉品轩

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon 乔尔•卢布松美食坊

8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana

Taian Table (NEW) 泰安门

Xin Rong Ji (Nanyang Road) 新荣记(南阳路)

YongFoo Élite 雍福会

2020 MICHELIN Guide Shanghai Restaurant

One Star

Amazing Chinese Cuisine (Changning) 菁禧荟(长宁)

Bao Li Xuan (NEW) 宝丽轩

Cheng Long Hang (Huangpu) (NEW) 成隆行蟹王府(黄浦)

Da Dong (Xuhui) 大董(徐汇)

Da Dong (Jingan) 大董海参店(静安)

Da Vittorio (NEW)

Fu He Hui 福和慧

Il Ristorante - Niko Romito

Jade Mansion 苏浙总会

Jean Georges

Jin Xuan (NEW) 金轩

Lao Zheng Xing (Huangpu) 老正兴(黄浦)

Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire

Le Patio & La Famille (Huangpu) 南麓•浙里(黄浦)

Lei Garden (Pudong) 利苑(浦东新区)

Lei Garden (Xuhui) 利苑(徐汇)

Maison Lameloise (NEW) 莱美露滋

Ming Court (NEW) 明阁

Moose (Changning) 鹿园(长宁)

Moose (Pudong) (NEW) 鹿园(浦东新区)

Phénix 斐霓丝

Seventh Son (Jingan) 家全七福(静安)

Shang-High Cuisine 迷上海

Sir Elly's 艾利爵士

T'ang Court 唐阁

Wujie (Huangpu) 大蔬无界(黄浦)

Xin Rong Ji (West Nanjing Road) (NEW) 新荣记(南京西路)

Yi Long Court 逸龙阁

Yong Fu 甬府

Yong Yi Ting 雍逸廷

Yu Zhi Lan (NEW) 玉芝兰

2020 MICHELIN Guide Shanghai Restaurant

Bib Gourmand selection

A Niang Mian 阿娘面

Da Hu Chun (Sichuan Lu) 大壶春

Din Tai Fung (Shanghai Centre) 鼎泰丰

Four Seasons 文兴酒家

Gong De Lin (Nanjing Xi Lu) 功德林

Hai Jin Zi (Jinxian Lu) 海金滋

Hao Sheng 豪生酒家

Jesse 吉士

Lan Ting 兰亭

Lan Xin 兰心

Lu Bo Lang 绿波廊

Mao Long 茂隆

Mi Thai

Nanxiang Steamed Bun 南翔馒头店


Rong Cuisine (Huangpu) 荣小馆

Rongshu Noodle Soup with Yellow Croaker 荣叔黄鱼面

Tandoor 天都里

Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop (Pudong) 正斗粥面专家

Wujie (SWFC) 大蔬无界

Wujie (Xujiahui Park) 大蔬无界

Yangzhou Fan Dian (Fujian Zhong Lu) 扬州饭店

Ye Olde Station 上海老站

Yongfu Mini 甬府小鲜

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