Latest Updates of Novel Coronavirus in China 2020 & Travel Advisory

Latest Updates of Covid-19 on Feb 27

Up to now, the cure rate in China is close to 40%, among them, non-Hubei region has exceeded 70%.

The number of new cases is 0 in more than half of the provinces and regions, which has exceeded the number in the regions with new cases. Moreover, there have been no new cases in many cities and regions for several consecutive days. With the exception of Hubei Province, all provinces and regions, the rest of China, are fewer than 500 confirmed cases.

Keep positive and confident with China!

Update on Feb 27. If you want to check out more accurate dates on Covid-19 Virus, click here to see Situation reports from WHO.

Life in China during the Epidemic

ETC travel specialist

Jackie, our travel specialist, said “I've never felt a street so quiet, but it won't last long.” He had canceled his family trip in this Spring Festival and chosen to stay at home for several weeks. And now he is working and helping our clients and visitors who intend to visit China to know more about the latest facts and reschedule their China tour.

Etc travel specialist

Silvia said that protect yourself and your family, the epidemic will be over soon. She just had her lovely baby last year, and now she happens to have a lot of time for her baby because of the outbreak, and she is also works at home.

ETC stuffIan Hamlinton of South Africa, who works at Easy Tour China, can speak Chinese well and lives in Jiuxian Ancient Village. He likes his home in Jiuxian Village and has become a part of local residents. He helped village committees tell villagers about virus prevention during the outbreak as a volunteer.

China street

It has begun to recover recently, with some shops and breakfast stores opening and people going out briefly because it is safer than before.

Travel Advisory

1. US Department of State raises travel alert to Level 4: Do Not Travel. Other countries, like UK, Australia, etc. also raised their travel alert levels to cancel unnecessary travel to China. Fortunately, all tours to destinations outside China still can be scheduled. (The recent increased cases in Japan, South Korea and elsewhere need to be taken into account.) Check to see more USA travel advisory.

2. We recommend rescheduling your upcoming China tour instead of cancelling them. Please feel free to contact our travel specialist to get more details of changing, rescheduling or cancelling.

3. Flight restrictions or cancels to China (including HKG) may affect some flights to Southeast Asia; please double-check with the airline company and travel agency for local policy.

4. The FCO of UK advised travelers who need to visit China should check with your Chinese travel agency or hotel for any changes or restrictions before you leave. Check the latest FCO travel advisory here.

5. Pay attention to subscribe a comprehensive travel and medical insurance before your trip.

6. Purchasing masks and hand sanitiser gels can be helped by our local guide, but we still suggest you bring it yourself for the shortage of some regions or cities.

7. Those currently in China, we recommend you staying at home more and going out less to avoid infection. You can study Chinese art at home, such as calligraphy or painting, or learn folk entertainment, like Mahjong. You can also cultivate an interest in cooking to pass the time. The government provides the residents with daily necessities at a reasonable price regularly. Check more about how to keep away from novel coronavirus in China.

We are happy to offer you an Asia tour in other countries around China, such as Mongolia, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Cambodia and Myanmar. And we sincerely welcome you to visit China again after the coronavirus epidemic is over when the traffic resumes, life is back to normal and the sun is brighter.

Know more about travel advisory in Australia, France,Germany and Spain.

The Immigration Pass You May Want to Know

What to do if someone have to visit China at this time? No worries, Chinese government will help you. The only thing you need to do is make sure you are in a good condition or you may not pass the health checking at the airport or rail station if you have a fever or cold. Here is some Q&A you may want to know:

1. Are foreigners allowed to entry or exit as usual during the outbreak?

A collection of sturdy measures have been taken by Chinese government considering the fact that the outbreak of pneumonia brought by novel coronavirus. At present, it is good to the epidemic prevention and control via reducing cross two border movements. Foreigners ought to look for help from reliable travel agency to China or live in China as usual. Due to entry restrictions adopted by some parts of the world, it is recommended that foreigners who need to leave from China, study entry requirements of destination or districts in advance to avoid financial and time losses in case of any entry refusals. Foreigners having fever with signs and symptoms of acute respiratory illness such as cough or respiratory difficulties, ought to give up international travels and look for immediately medical cure at the nearest hospitals.

2. How to apply for visas, stay or residence permits during the period of epidemic prevention and control?

All Exit-entry Administration (EEA) authorities in China will be in full provider for extension and issuance of visa and stay or dwelling permits to ensure foreign friends' legit stay in China. Urgent offerings for emergency situations will also be provided. To keep away from crowds gathering risks, the EEA authorities will make preparations for services on appointments. Foreigners should make appointments before any applications. For some institutions which host big numbers of foreigners, such as universities, scientific research institutes and business companies, the EEA authorities will permit extra agent service or provide different vital conveniences relying upon the situation.

3. What should I pay attention to when going to the airport or station?

Wear a mask, don't smoke, the general rule is: surgical mask or N95 / KN95 mask are the first choice. Other masks are not as effective as these three. Travel with alcohol disinfection products, "contact" is an important means of transmission of many viruses, the maintenance of hand hygiene is critical. It may be inconvenient to travel by train, bus or plane, but you should clean your hands immediately after handling your luggage, before eating and after going to the toilet. You can choose alcohol-containing hand lotion or disinfectant wipes to do a good job of hand cleaning, pay attention to the product description, the alcohol content must be more than 60% to be effective, the best should reach 70% to 80%.



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