First Panda Twins of 2020 Are born in Chengdu Research Base

Mar 17, 2020, it was a good day with the long-lost sunshine in Chengdu, warm and vibrant. It’s the day that panda Fuwa (NO. 570) in Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Base accompanied by experts and staffs, gave birth to male giant panda twins, which are also the firstborn captive panda cubs in the world in 2020!

Twin Pandas Bring New Hope

Giant panda Fuwa gave birth to her first baby with weight of 159.8g at 12:57; at 15:10, Fuwa had the last baby with weight of 119.5g. The babies cried so loud and very healthy when they were born. At present, Fuwa and babies are all in the right indicators, the babies can have breast nursing smoothly.

“The twins were the earliest pair than ever recorded of the base, and the healthy condition of them made everybody surprised and excited”, the expert Wu Kongju of CPBRB said, “This is the fifth time Fuwa has become a mother. It is rare for giant pandas to rut in winter and have baby in spring. So far, Fuwa, who will be 17 this year, has given birth to five litters and eight pandas. This time, Fuwa showed a strong maternal performance during the fertility, which also let us very pleased.”

chengdu panda breeding center

(Photo credit: Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding)

Strict Prevention Measures of the Epidemic Ensure the Breeding

Now, the epidemic in China has been under control and become stable, which is the phased achievement made by all walks of life in China with great efforts, and it’s the time that the birth of panda babies bring hope to all who are suffering annoyance from the epidemic.

Because the outbreak is on the period when the panda estrus breeding concentration, the panda base was completely afraid to relax to the giant panda research, breeding and other work. In order to ensure the normal life of the panda is not affected by the epidemic, CPBRB immediately stored a hug number of bamboos after the outbreak of Covid-19, and the emergency supply of bamboo for giant pandas were made by experts. All the while, the team and the keepers stayed on the job, with their joint efforts, many pandas have been successfully mated.

At the moment, the panda breeding center not only guarantees of good common breeding work, but also strive to seize the key period of panda estrus at the same time. The staffs do all the breeding and research work carefully, and strengthen the observation of panda’s behavior and prenatal preparation, in order to ensure that other arrival of newborn pandas can be smoothly welcomed.

chengdu panda research base

(Photo credit: Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding)

In addition, in order to ensure the regularly breeding and management of pandas and the smooth development of related production work, to prevent the risk of cross-infection between humans and animals, CPBRB is on the basis of strengthening the health condition inspection of the staff and the disinfection of the whole park, more detailed disinfection and control measures have been taken to the animal houses where the pandas live, the sports grounds and the office areas and public areas where people come and go frequently to ensure the safety of people and animals. That’s why there has been no suspected or confirmed case of novel coronavirus pneumonia among all staff at the panda base, and all animals are safe and healthy.

There is no winter that cannot pass, and no difficulty that cannot be overcome. Spring has come, and the newborn panda twins and all the animals in the panda base are looking forward to meeting you in the future.

2020 newborn panda baby

(Photo credit: Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding)

The Panda Twins are Growing Up

For the last two months, the panda twins are several times bigger, and named Pingping and An'an, meaning safe and peace. They are carefully taken care of and growing up day by day.

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Pingping and An'an lying on the floor

The information of panda twins

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