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China Cycling Tours

For those looking for exciting China cycling adventures, you should never omit Guilin in South China – it is one of the country’s many cities that boast unmatched scenic bike trails. It satisfies our wanderlust of exploring the world with abandon. Start your leisure or adventurous bicycle journey based on our well-crafted multifarious trails and enjoy the myriad delights on the road. Generally, Guilin together with Yangshuo is worthy of one or two weeks cycling program, no matter you are familiar with mountain/road/leisure bicycle.

Easy Tour China is a cycling journey planner in china and devotes to discovering more less-traveled bike routes and introducing highlight adventures to the world cyclists and explorers. We offer cycling related services including tour planning and arranging, local high-end mountain bike DTOS, bicycle rental service, tour guide service and supporting vehicles, etc. Come and join our cycling tours, Chinese and English-speaking tour leaders, travel maps and top cycling tips around Guilin and other cities of China are always provided upon your requests.

Multiday Guided Cycling Adventures around China

Experienced local riders in Guilin seldom cycle to Yangshuo directly, as they know there are so many tranquil yet beautiful places hidden in the countryside all over the grand Guilin. The UNESCO Karst landform, China’s biggest Karst wetland, mysterious waterfalls recommended by local hikers and isolated magnificent brooks and reservoirs - all make a 3-15 days biking tour in Guilin interesting and unforgettable.

One Day Cycling Tours around Guilin and Yangshuo

One day cycling trip venturing into the unknown urban/rural areas of Guilin and Yangshuo is a nice choice for a weekend getaway. These biking programs are highly recommended by local cyclists and suitable for foreigners travelling/living/studying in Guilin, also a delight to backpackers, company event organizers and team building planner. Moreover, we can arrange you diverse cycling activities in China!

Supports and Bicycles

A professional course charting to the next destination and a strong support makes your China cycling plan easier and secured.

Our Team

  • Robert Liu
    Experienced bicycle enthusiasts, Robert has travelled to a lot of places in China by humble folding bike, including Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Hainan, etc. With a travel consultant background for many years, multilingual in Chinese, English and Spanish, he is committed to offering clients unique China cycling guide and tips, and making diverse itineraries of long-distance cycling. Robert treats bicycles as friends rather than transportation media.
  • Mark Tang
    A Guilin countryside native, Mark achieved his personal feat of traveling more than 20,000 km (12,427 miles), crossing half of China by mountain bike in 2014. With the special experience of hiking alone around Annapurma in Nepal and many parts of China, he is also good at operating hiking & trekking tours. For Mark, bicycle is a magic companion, since it has brought him a new life and a wonderfully perfect way to explore the world.
  • Forrest Wu
    A strong-willed man with curiosity to learn things, Forrest knows more off the beaten tracks and paths than most local people in Guilin. With the living experiences in Ghana, he will bring you more than normal bike tour. He loves exploring less-commercialized tracks on bike and has become a funny and friendly tour leader full of stories and Chinese cultural lessons.


Cycling Tips in Guilin and China