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Meet Our Travel Specialists

Travel Specialist: Max Yang

Hello everyone, my name is Max.

Why choose to be a China travel specialist? I know this job can be tired, and it may not bring me lots of money. But the good thing is I can get fun in it. I love my country very much. And China has so much to offer, not just the spectacular natural landscapes and new highways and high-rises, but also the long history and splendid culture too.

It's true that China still has many things to be improved. But I believe my country will get better and better. I wish you could visit China and experience the improvement and evolution with my assistance, to discover China’s rich cultural heritage, ever-changing neon cities, as well as remote villages with disappearing traditional artefacts and customs.

I have worked as a China travel specialist for over one year. I am learning fast and feel very lucky to be a team member of Easy Tour China. People here are very kind, and always like to help each other. It is more like a big family to me. I may not as experienced as the other travel specialists, but I have my own taste of travel. I am happy to answer your questions, discuss them with you, and work hard to take care of every single details. I would love to design some unique itineraries which can give you a memorable trip experience in China.

I love traveling and don't mind to travel alone. I traveled to Tibet in 2016, and that was my favorite journey. Tibet is a holy place of mystery. I definitely want to visit it again.

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