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Lipu County is a county of Guangxi China. It is 100km away from Guilin city and under its administration. It is only 25km away from Yangshuo County and also borders with Jinxiu County. The famed local product in the county is Lipu Taro, the important material for the local cuisine - Lipu Taro looped Meat that popular in the region.

Silver cave & Fengyu cave are the important scenic spots in Lipu; Silver cave runs 12 mountains and a roundabout tour covers around 2 km; it is deep and irregular, with a great number of stalactites in lights glint like silver. The Fengyu Cave links nine big hills, with wonderful landscape in it.

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Unique charm of Guilin lies on the stunning landscape from Guilin to Yangshuo area. By bike, car, cruise and on foot, you will enjoy the different beauties.


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