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Longsheng, a small county embraced by green mountains and clear rivers, is abundant in its sightseeing resources which is only 2 hour’s driving from Guilin city.

Expect the amazing Longji terraced rice paddy fields, it offers interesting Yao and Zhuang minority cultures as well as other famous sites like Longsheng Hot Spring National Forest Park, Huaping National Primitive Forest Natural Reserve, Xijiangping Reservoir Scenic Area, and different traditional ethnic villages.
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Longsheng is famous for unique natural scenery of Longji Rice Terraces. Beside, the 2-day trip provides a great opportunity to experience colorful ethnic customs at Miao & Zhuang Villages.
Enjoy a worry-free and pleasant trip with all highlights in and around Longsheng. Experience the lifestyle of the local minority; go hiking for the imposing Rice Terraces; enjoy a relaxing bath in t ...

Longsheng Hotels More

  • Longji Ping'an Hotel
    Longji Ping'an Hotel

    Strategically situated on the half way up to the viewing spot, Longji Ping'an Hotel is a comfortable family guesthouse. The hotel enjoys a graceful ...

  • Liqing Hotel Longsheng
    Liqing Hotel Longsheng

    Liqing Hotel is run by a local Zhuang family. Come and sit on our sundeck and enjoy the views.

  • Longji Star Wish Resort Longsheng
    Longji Star Wish Resort Longsheng

    The Star-wish Resort is a 5 storey building, which is a typical Chinese Zhuang minority resident style architecture——wooden storey house. Opened i ...

  • Long Ji One Hotel
    Long Ji One Hotel

    Long Ji One Hotel is located in a small rice terraced mountain village of Ping an, Long Ji. Built in the local Zhuang style, the hotel was construct ...

  • Leader Guest House Longsheng
    Leader Guest House Longsheng

    The Leader countryside guest house branch project for the banishment of poverty through travel has a number of goals, in these places of poverty the ...

  • Longsheng Hot Spring Resort
    Longsheng Hot Spring Resort

    Longsheng Hot Spring Longfu Resort, Guilin is situated in the National AAAA grade scenic area, with rich hot spring pools.

  • Longsheng Hot Spring SPA Hotel
    Longsheng Hot Spring SPA Hotel

    Hot spring SPA Hotel is located in the center of the nationwide AAAA level resort——Longsheng Holiday Resort. It is the only five-star hotel in lon ...

  • Li-an Lodge Longsheng
    Li-an Lodge Longsheng

    Lian Lodge is a new addition to the hitherto basic accommodation on offer in Longji. Located on the higher terraced slopes in Pingan village, the lo ...

Longsheng Attractions More

  • Longji Rice Terraces
    Longji Rice Terraces

    Located about 27 kilometers southeast of Longsheng County, the Longji Rice Terraces is of imposing beauty which is reputed as "unrivalled in the wor ...

  • Jinkeng Rice Terraces
    Jinkeng Rice Terraces

    Jinkeng Rice Terraces is located around 40 km from Longsheng, it is home to the Yao ethnic minority people. This 66-square-km network irrigation pro ...

  • Ping An Zhuang Village
    Ping An Zhuang Village

    Ping An Zhuang Village is the most famous village in Longji scenic area. It is a typical village of the Zhuang ethnic village with around 100 househ ...

  • Longsheng Hotspring National Forest Park
    Longsheng Hotspring National Forest Park

    Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park is situated in the multi-ethnic county of Longsheng, covering an area of about 260 hectares. The park boa ...

  • Huangluo Yao Village
    Huangluo Yao Village

    Located at the foot of a mountain with a beautiful river zig zagging around, Huangluo Yao Village is the only village of ethnic Yao in Longji scenic ...

  • Yanmen Gorge Rafting
    Yanmen Gorge Rafting

    Located in the spring tourism resort, east of Longsheng County, 110 kilometers from Guilin city, Yanmen Gorge Rafting is a National AAAA Tourist Att ...

  • Ximen Red Yao Village
    Ximen Red Yao Village

    What interest visitors most in Longsheng County? Undoubtedly it is the ethnic life style of the local villages. Yao people are called 'Red Yao' beca ...

Longsheng | Food & Restaurants More

Longsheng, famous for its amazing natural beauty and ethnic culture, has some local traditional dishes that you won't forget once you tasted them. In many local farmers' home, you will have the chance to taste the sweet Rice Wine, fragrant Rice in Bamboo and wind-dry fish among other local dishes. Rice Wine is a kind of sweet wine made from glutinous rice brewed with a very pristine way. Nearly every household in ethnic villages make rice wine. Fermented glutinous rice is put into the wooden basket, and then braised on fire. The wine will stream down f ... More

Longsheng | Weather & Climate More

Longsheng is located in the subtropical monsoon zone. The annual temperature is about 18.1 degrees Celsius. The yearly precipitation is around 1544 mm.Longsheng is 88 km away from Guilin, and its weather is almost the same as in Guilin. Please see below the Guilin weather for your reference. But it is a mountainous area in the north of Guilin, so the temperature is relatively lower.Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May ... More

Longsheng Photos More

Longsheng travel photos offer a visual enjoyment of Longsheng attractions, Longsheng tours, Longsheng Guilin tour, Longsheng shopping, food, entertainment, transportation, hotels...

Longsheng Travel Tips More

Longsheng County, 100 km (2 hours drive) away from Guilin, get its fame for the spectacular rice terraced fields and ethnic villages in mountainous areas. Some useful and practical travel tips are listed below for your Longsheng tour.Best Time to LongshengLongji Rice Terraces, with seasonal beauty, are a wonderful sight for most of the year. The best time to visit is from May to October. May is the time when irrigation starts, and the fields are filled with water and thus reflect the green paddies and blue sky. And after the summer rains, paddy terrace ... More

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