The Emblem and Mascot of Expo 2010 Shanghai

The Emblem and Mascot of Expo 2010 Shanghai

emblem of expo 2010

Shanghai World Expo emblem

The Shanghai World Expo emblem combines the Chinese character "世"(world in English) and the figure "2010". It depicts the image of three people-you, me, him/her holding hand in hand, symbolizes the concept of “understanding, communication, gather, and cooperation". Green is the main color, with great vitality, expressing the enthusiasm for future and pursuit of sustainable development.

Mascot - Haibao

mascot of shanghai world expo 2010Mascot of World Expo 2010 is much important for this worldwide event. It must embody the culture and spirit of host country; interpret the main theme "Better City Better Life", and be suitable for the recreation of licensed products, including stationeries, garment, souvenirs and jewelries. It must be good looking, easy to understand, remember and use.

Haibao is created according to the above-mentioned principles. It is in a shape of a Chinese character "人" ( People in English), have the following features:

Hair - like the wave of the sea, this represents its open character and stated the character of its birth place Shanghai.

Face - its cartoon expression shows its confidence and friendly character.

Eye - big round eyes show his anticipation of the city.

Blue - the color shows its latitude and imagination, which represents the rising and potential China.

Body - its round body represents a well-off life, which is also lovely and cute.

Fist - he thumbs up to show the appreciation and warm welcome to the friends from all over the world.

Big feet - he stands steadily on the big feet and embraces the world with big arms, which shows China have the ability and faith to host a successful Expo.

Blue - The main culture of the mascot represents the elements including earth, dream, sea, future, and technology

mascot of expo 2010

In Chinese, the character 人, depicting the two strokes that support each other, manifests the concept that a good life should be created by all the people. The world should be supported by "people", and people should have harmonious relationships with nature and society, so that the life in cities would be better. Its name Hai Bao, means the treasure of sea, lucky name in Chinese tradition and coherent with his blue body. It would be a good well ambassador and lucky symbol together with cultural remark of Shanghai Expo. Though it is a single mascot, with the different motions and costumes, it could also have various appearances.

People is among the main element in the city development, while the interactions between cities, biological circle as well as the resources on the earth become more stronger with the city's developments. The relationship among people, city and earth runs through the urbanization and people is the core to push city development as the active and creative roles they play in urbanizations. That's the reason Shanghai Expo Mascot took people into the image.

Water is the source of life. The main character of the mascot is water. The blue color stated Chinese brand-new gesture to embrace the world.

Hai Bao embodies ideal of the coexistence of different cultures in cities; embodies the appreciation of economic development and environmental sustainable development; embodies the wish to remodel the city communities, embodies the anticipation of the well-off both urban cities and countrysides. Hai Bao is the whish to colorful life and the warm invitation to friends from all over the world to Shanghai.

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