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China Travel Testimonials

See what our customers say in our Testimonial/feedback section! Below are some REAL feedback written by our customers who traveled China with us! We are grateful to share their experiences in China, including the review of our service, attractions, guides, hotels, activities and food.


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  • USA Couple Enjoyed their 16 Days China Tour

    Client: Mr. ROBERT DEAN GANDER Nationality: United States
    Tour Dates: May 18 , 2019 -- June 2 , 2019
    Tour Planner: Peicy
    Itinerary: Beijing, Tai'an, Qingdao, Xian, Wudangshan, Nanchang, Shanghai, Suzhou

    Dear Ricky,

    Everything went very well, indeed!

    We felt well taken care of from beginning to end. We appreciated both the big cities of Beijing and Shanghai--and even more--the more remote areas like Tai'an, Qingdao, and particularly Wudangshan! It seemed like each day we had a " ...

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  • USA Senior Couple Enjoyed Self-guided Bike Tour in Guilin China

    Client: Anne Hutchinson Fitzgerald Nationality: United States
    Tour Dates: April 4 , 2019 -- April 8 , 2019
    Tour Planner: Robert
    Itinerary: Guilin, Yangshuo

    Our experience was so good I wanted to take the time to sign up as a reviewer. My husband and I did a three day self-guided tour in Guangxi Province through Easy Tour China and it was a flawless experience. Easy Tour China provided us with the type of route I requested (we are grandma and grand ...

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  • Father and Daughter from USA Tour to Beijing Xian & Shanghai

    Client: Albert Michael Ezra Nationality: United States
    Tour Dates: April 26 , 2019 -- May 3 , 2019
    Tour Planner: Leo
    Itinerary: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai

    I will say booking EasyChina tour was a good experience. Being able to enter so many sites without having to wait in long lines was wonderful. Also China has the least English speaking residents. I do not expect the world to speak our language but it proved to be difficult to find directions an ...

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  • Indian Couples Had a Wonderful Trip in China

    Client: Aniruddha Prabhakar Deshmukh Nationality: India
    Tour Dates: April 29 , 2019 -- May 9 , 2019
    Tour Planner: Jackie
    Itinerary: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Yangshuo, Shanghai

    Thank you for your email.

    Its been a wonderful trip. As soon as I am back, I will do the needful.

    Your arrangements have been excellent. It was a real pleasure meeting you and Mr. Wen in Guilin.

    Look forward to visiting again and see some more places.. 

    Best regards ...

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  • Indian Clients Had an Amzing First Time China Tour with Family

    Client: Mrs. PALAK JAIN (3 pax) Nationality: India
    Tour Dates: March 21 , 2019 -- March 31 , 2019
    Tour Planner: Max
    Itinerary: Shanghai, Xian, Beijing

    This was our first time to China and I had a great time with family. Everything was organized very well. We were able to customize the experience to our liking. Max was our tour operator and he gave me all the details well in advance. He answered all my questions leading up to the trip and duri ...

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  • Clients Enjoyed a Fantastic Tour to China from Canada

    Client: Barb Heinonen Nationality: Canada
    Tour Dates: December 2 , 2018 -- December 15 , 2018
    Tour Planner: Max
    Itinerary: Beijing, Pingyao, Xian, Zhengzhou, Shanghai

    Hi Max -

    Thank-you again for everything that you did to help make our trip go smoothly! Please see below for our thoughts and comments. Have a wonderful day and all the best in the New Year!


    Park Plaza hotel: This was the best hotel that we stayed in du ...

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