Dinning Out

Chinese food is one of the highlights of visiting a country of long culinary culture; in fact, there are many tourists take on a food tour in China to taste the delicious & diverse cuisines or just join local cooking schools to learn some famed dishes.

It is hard to define what China food is; since it is of a very vast land and the food/drink served are varying from region to region. All the restaurants included in our tour program, are carefully-selected to meet the needs of overseas travelers. For the meals not included, our local guides and travel consultants will give the clients some recommendations.

But there is some useful information:

1.    Food in China is served as a series of shared dishes while in western people tend to have individual plates served with varied items; just use chopsticks and pick the food to a separate plate;

2.    The staple food in China is usually rice and wheat; most of the time, rice is served, while wheat-made dumplings, noodles, breads or other pastry be served as dishes;

3.    There are Eight Cuisines from the eight provinces: Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan and Anhui; each of them has own distinctive features resulted from the customs, material used as well as life or historical developments varied;

4.    Big restaurants is not the only choices to sample the authentic local flavors; night market, small restaurants offers cheaper food but also great taste; please note that the environment or condition is different; some local snack are only available in roadside stock;

5.    There’s western restaurant in some big hotels, or you can ask the tour guide for the western-style food in many cities; fast food outlets like McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut are easy to found in China;

6.    There are other special restaurants in China can meet different needs of overseas travelers, like Muslim style, Indian restaurants or vegetarian type and so on; just list your detailed needs and Easy Tour China will try to be of help.

7.  Meals in rural areas like Tibet are not as diverse as that in big cities

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