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Travelling with Children   

More and more parents bring their children to China to see the old civilization and beautiful land. Please feel free to consult our travel specialist for a tailor-made family tour for you.

Here below are some instructions for you while traveling:

1) On the Plane or Train
It is advisable to avoid the main rush at check in desks if you are carrying a child. In this way you will be less pkely to be jostled and so ensure your child will not sustain accidental injury. So either check in early or as late as is reasonably possible.

If your child has a medical condition that may become an issue during the flight, make a flight attendant, counter agent, or gate agent aware of that possibility before the flight.

Keep your child in his safety seat and prevent him from walking around freely.

Always make your child sits away from an aisle to avoid being bumped by a person or a passing service cart.

Be sure to have baby's ears checked by your pediatrician before flying.

When the plane ascends or descends, you may give your child (not infants) chewing gum to ease air pressure.

2) At the Hotel

Check the room for anything dangerous, such as sharp objects on the floor or protruding pieces of metal.

Make sure that electrical outlet covers, doorknob covers, toilet locks, and other childproof gear are equipped in your room.

Move glasses, ashtrays, matches, coffee makers, and travel shampoos out of your child's reach.

Inquire carefully about the childcare facilities in the hotel, if you plan to use them.

3) Outdoor Activities
Keep your children close to you when traveling, especially in crowded areas such as stations, scenic spots and streets.

When your child plays alone, you should make sure that play areas are age-appropriate for children.

Watch young children closely and tell them never to eat anything growing in the woods.

Keep your children away from the brushwood to avoid being bitten by insects.

These instructions are just simple guidance for parents; it may not cover all the occasions. No matter where they go, the parents have to be careful of their young children while traveling to a country where you have never been before.

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