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Transportations in China have made big progress in the past years, and a comprehensive transportations system includes civil aviation, railway, and water transportation as well as road transportations has been built.

Quick Tips for Air Travel

1.  Get some rest before you fly so that you have a wonderful air journey;

2. Drink plenty of water and juice since the airplane environment is dry; which will also help to avoid jet lag;

3. Coats and jackets must go through the X-ray machine, so if you pack them in your checked package that will save some seconds;

4. All your baggage will be screened and possibly hand-searched at the check point of airport; don’t include food and drinks in your baggage;

5. A laptop computer need to be taken out for X-ray checking; sometimes the security crew will need to turn it on; don’t forget to label on your laptop to avoid wrongly picking.

Cruise Travel Tips
Some useful tips to make your Yangtze River cruise comfortable;

1.    Join in different cruise activities and don’t be afraid to try something new like playing Taiji or Learning Chinese calligraphy;

2.    Taste some exotic and gourmet menus on ship;

3.    Double check all cabin drawers, storage spaces before you leave the ship make sure you don’t forget your own items;

4.    Know the proper meeting times and places for debarkation.

Railway Travel Tips
1. Arrive at the railway station at least 0.5 hour of the departure time; passing the security check and find the right waiting lounge;

2. At soft or hard sleeper class carriages, you are asked to change your ticket to a plastic card after boarding the train. Your ticket will be changed back before you arrive at the destination;

3. Clients are suggested to take their luggage with them while traveling by train;

4. When traveling with children you are suggested to pay more attention to children;

5. You can buy some snack for eating on train; while there’s a dinning bar with some food for travelers; not all of bars offer English menu;

6. At each end of carriages, there is one toilet (one is western style in soft sleeper carriages). Please bring your own toilet paper before you use it since it is not available inside. The bathroom will be locked will the train stop running.

7. Your guide will meet you on platform when you get off from the trains but this is not available at some stations. Don’t follow strangers if you walk out without the tour guide.

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