China is a fantastic destination that offers kinds of shopping opportunities; from the duty-free luxury apartment stores in Hong Kong to the local markets of Tibet, there are many famed things to include like silk, tea, jewelry, paintings…almost everything you want in China.

Tips for shopping in China:
1.    Most shops or department stores are open around 9am till 10pm, while night market will last longer;

2.    Credit cards include visa, master, American express and other types are accepted in department stores and large shops;

3.    Where and what to buy: Beijing for cloisonné & cashmere sweaters, Suzhou for Silk products, Guilin for Chinese paintings and pearl jewelry, Hangzhou for tea and little craftworks, Xi'an for the replica terracotta army and other antiques…

4.    Bargaining at markets or well-touristed areas, offer 20-50% prices of the opening price, be patient and humor and most vendor will decrease the prices down; Bargaining are not available in shopping malls or high-end boutiques;

5.    Carefully selected the quality item and ask a payment receipt when purchase;

6.    Don't feel obligate to buy anything even if you are at the shop; everybody will still kind to you;

7.    Make sure that the antiques you buy carry a wax seal indicating that it is authentic and is able to be exported from China;

8.    Before buying antiques, make sure that something are forbidden for sale or export like antiques dated before 1795AD;

9.    Never show your wallet and big notes in public, take care about everything when you are in crowed malls or shops.

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