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Kung Fu panda Tours

Po the kung fu panda kicks back! Together with his fun-loving, clumsy fellows from the secluded Panda Village, Po defeats the evil enemy again. Are you also fascinated with their legends and dream of exploring the secret, beautiful panda paradise? We invite you to take a tour to China to visit the pandas and discover the birthplaces for martial arts!

Tour Highlights

  • A gourmet tour to taste food loved by panda Po & cooking class to learn Chinese Cuisine
  • Meet panda families in panda hometown with opportunity to be an honorable panda volunteer
  • Visit holy places for Chinese martial arts, e.g. Shaolin Temple & Mt. Wudang, and practice real kung fu
  • Indulge in the natural beauty of “Panda Village” on Mt. Qingcheng & the surreal landscape that resembles a Chinese landscape painting
  • A fascinating cultural experience with activities or classes about Chinese calligraphy, painting, paper-cut, etc.

Most Popular Kung fu Panda Tours

  • Are you a fan of Kung Fu Panda and keen to visit Po’s mysterious hometown? Today, we escort you to Panda Village and enjoy awe-inspiring natural scenery on Mt. Qingcheng
  • Explore Kung Fu Panda’s birthplace and visit amazing natural & cultural heritages in Chengdu! Moreover, you’ll experience the local lifestyle with various fun activities
  • Explore the history of Chinese Kung Fu and its practices. Visit Shain Temple for authentic martial arts, Dengfeng Kung Fu school and Chenjiagou Village for Taiji Boxing
  • By taking this Kungfu Tour, fans can truly understand the profound & extensive martial arts culture in China, from Shaolin Temple to another Mecca - Wudang Mountain
  • Travel to China’s top destinations for both sightseeing tours & adventurous experiences, including the panda hometown in Chengdu and treasure houses for Chinese kung fu

Top Destinations for Panda & Kung Fu

  • Chengdu:
    Panda hometown with three major panda bases
  • Shaolin Temple:
    Birthplace of martial arts
  • Guilin:
    A city “stands on” Chinese landscape painting
  • Mt. Wudang:
    To learn authentic Tai Chi

Kung Fu Panda with Traditional Chinese Culture

  • Chinese Calligraphy
  • Traditional Chinese Ribbon Dance
  • Chinese Painting
  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese Paper Cutting
  • Traditional Chinese Music
Kung Fu Panda series have taken on many classical Chinese culture elements, which helpfully shape the whole story and offer an insight into the ancient oriental kingdom of China. In addition to panda & kungfu, two of the most popular things people talking about China, the movies also introduce, directly or indirectly, the Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, ancient music, and Chinese paper cutting and much more.