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What to See
  • Ximen Red Yao Village
    Ximen Red Yao Village

    What interest visitors most in Longsheng County? Undoubtedly it is the ethnic life style of the local villages. Yao people are called 'Red Yao' beca ...

  • Yanmen Gorge Rafting
    Yanmen Gorge Rafting

    Located in the spring tourism resort, east of Longsheng County, 110 kilometers from Guilin city, Yanmen Gorge Rafting is a National AAAA Tourist Att ...

  • Huangluo Yao Village
    Huangluo Yao Village

    Located at the foot of a mountain with a beautiful river zig zagging around, Huangluo Yao Village is the only village of ethnic Yao in Longji scenic ...

  • Longsheng Hotspring National Forest Park
    Longsheng Hotspring National Forest Park

    Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park is situated in the multi-ethnic county of Longsheng, covering an area of about 260 hectares. The park boa ...

  • Ping An Zhuang Village
    Ping An Zhuang Village

    Ping An Zhuang Village is the most famous village in Longji scenic area. It is a typical village of the Zhuang ethnic village with around 100 househ ...

  • Jinkeng Rice Terraces
    Jinkeng Rice Terraces

    Jinkeng Rice Terraces is located around 40 km from Longsheng, it is home to the Yao ethnic minority people. This 66-square-km network irrigation pro ...

  • Longji Rice Terraces
    Longji Rice Terraces

    Located about 27 kilometers southeast of Longsheng County, the Longji Rice Terraces is of imposing beauty which is reputed as "unrivalled in the wor ...

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