It is time to make an all-side exploration of the fascinating Lijiang. From Naxi ethnic culture and Dongba traditions to the incredibly beautiful landscape, the 4 days Lijiang tour package is to create an unforgettable adventure, with all must-see attractions - charming Lijiang Old town, limpid Black Dragon Pool, sacred Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, awe-inspiring Tiger Leaping Gorge…Furthermore, you’ll be engaging with authentic local foods and real people.

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Nihao~ Welcome to Lijiang, you’ll be met by your private tour guide on arrival at Liangjiang Sanyi International Airport and transferred to your hotel with private vehicle. After a shot break you will be guided to explore Lijiang old town, named Dayan, the former cultural and political center of Lijiang Naxi Kingdom established in late 13th Century, with an area of 7.2 sq. km. Walk around to discover many historical streets, structures, sites, schools and secret corners. Enjoy a bird view of the old town on the Lion Hill after getting to the Wangu Tower. If weather permits, watch the sun slowly sets.

Lijiang Old Town

Today we’ll visit Shigu Town. It is about 60 kilometers away from the ancient city of Lijiang. It was named after Zhuge Liang's (prime minister of Shu Kingdom) stone drum during his southern expedition during Three Kingdoms Period (220 -280). Here you can view the famous First Bend of Yangtze River. You can see that when Jinsha River, the upper reach of Yangtze, reaches sasongbi village, it suddenly made a sharp turn of more than 100 degrees, towards the northeast, forming a rare "V" shaped bend. Then you'll move on to Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest canyons in China, featuring breathtaking wildness. As long as 25 kilometers, the gorge divides into three parts. Today you will visit a best part of Tiger Leaping Gorge, see Jinsha River roaring down on the feet, and the majestic snow mountains standing in a distance. Our trip continues to Black Dragon Pool for nice view of bridges, pavilions and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain reflected on pool. Visit the Dongba Museum here to learn Naxi Dongba culture and art. After the visit, transfer back to hotel.

Meal: B, L

Tiger Leaping Gorge

After breakfast, we are going to experience the most exciting core part of the itinerary – Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It is named "Oulu" in Naxi, which means "Tianshan (Heaven Mountain)". Its 13 snow peaks reach high into the sky, together just like a "dragon" flying, so it is called "jade dragon". Take cable way of Yak Meadow or Spruce Meadow, or the Glacier Park Cable Car (Large Cable Car) for spectacular views.

Then transfer to Yuhu Village. The earliest residents of Yuhu village were those who raised deer for the palace of Naxi king. The Yuhu Lake here was a man-made lake constructed by the Mu family before the Ming Dynasty. Visit The Former Residence of Dr Joseph Rock, an adventurer and geographer who traveled through Yunnan and lived in Lijiang for 27 years.

Later visit Baisha Naxi village. See the miniature of "Sifang Street" in Lijiang. At the entrance of the village, the statue of "three gods", the Naxi protection god, shows a strong Dongba cultural atmosphere.

  You may want to Know  

  • Yak Meadow is at 3,650m. It's the best place to see and take photos of the thirteen peaks of Jade Dragon Mountain. In Naxi, it's called "Bangnonguo country", which means beautiful snow mountain meadow. Yak Meadow is a ranch of Tibetan herdsmen at the foot of the mountain. Every spring, summer and autumn, they will drive their cattle and sheep to the mountain, and they also live in the summer cottage here.
  • Spruce Meadow is at 3,249m. The lawn under your feet is gentle and rolling, stretching over the mountains. In spring and summer, the forest turns green, and the wild flowers are in full bloom. In autumn, you can see yellow fall foliage. While in winter it is a silver world. According to Dongba Sutra, Spruce Meadow is "the third country of Yulong" - an ideal heaven for Naxi people. You may watch ethnic show here.
  • Glacier Park is at 4,680m. The Large Cable Car is the highest altitude cable car in China, and offers incomparable view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. However, you should be aware the potential altitude sickness.


  • Impression Lijiang Show - a fantastic open-air show showcasing the local Naxi minority culture, with the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as the backdrop

Meal: B, L

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Wake up with fresh air of Lijiang. Free at leisure in the morning. In the afternoon, meet your guide and driver, and transfer to airport and fly to your next destination. End of your 4 days Lijiang tour.

  Suggestions for Your Leisure Time  

  • If you live outside Lijiang Old City, you can go visit Lijinag Zhongyi Wet Market to discover various local specialty foods and goods. Buy yourself or friends some souvenirs and witness the local way of life.
  • If you live inside the old town, take a stroll of the Sifang Street. If the weather is good, the local Naxi people will gather together to dance at around 9 a.m. You can join them and have fun.

Meal: B

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