China travel map - Wonders Tour of Badain Jaran Desert & Danxia Landform

Badain Jaran Desert homes to the largest dunes on earth, with 140 spring fed-lakes residing in the interspaces of giant mega dunes, creating most captivating desert landscape in the world. The harmony between lakes, sand dunes, camels and Mongolian herdsmen make a great adventure trip. On this trip, also visit the amazing Danxia Landform in Zhangye, known as the Rainbow Mountain. Other highlights include Badain Jaran Temple,Nuo'ertu Lake, Baoritaolegai Lake, Shandan Army Ranch...

Duration: 6 days & 5 nights

Destinations: Zhangye - Alxa Youqi - Shandan - Zhangye

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Arrive at Zhangye, be met at rail station or airport and transfer to Alxa Youqi (130km). Located in the west of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Alxa Youqi features exotic landscape of wide desert, numerous lakes, towering peaks, grand canyon, geological relics like ancient rock paintings and places of historical interest. Badain Jaran Deser located in the northern part of Alxa Youqi which honored as “The Everest of desert”.

Meal: D

In the morning, our guide will pick you up from the hotel at Alxa Youqi and then bring you to the Badain Jaran Desert. It will take 1.5hrs car ride to get to the border of the desert. Upon arrival, hopping on a private Jeep and start your 2 days exciting desert exploration. The Badain Jaran Desert is well known for its numerous scattered and colorful lakes.

First of all, you will visit Badain Jaran Lake. It is one of the rare freshwater lakes among the various Badain Jaran Desert lakes, the landscape of the lake if pretty like bright pearl inserted in the desert, so local people also call it “Pearl Lake”. The next important spot is Yinderitu, a magic spring in the desert. In the lake, there is a 3-square-meter reef and the 108 spring holes on it pouring out water day and night, hence the spring is called “A Magic Spring” by local people. The spring water is so sweet and contains many kinds of trace elements.

Move ahead and you will see Bilutu Dune, the world’s highest sand dune with an altitude of 1,609 meters (1,760 yards) and a relative elevation of near 500 meters (547 yards), so it is called Dune “Qomolangma”. Standing on the top of the dune, you will have a panoramic view of surrounding desert and lakes. After that, you will proceed to next spot Miao Haizi. Miao Haizi is a Magic Lake that surrounded by sand hills. The annual precipitation here is only few tens of millimeters, while it has never been dried up. Tonight, you could camping or stay at local people’s house. Their house is simple but has basic facilities that you may need.

Meal: B, L, D

Bandain Jaran Desert

If the weather permits, wake up early to catch the sunrise. The sunrise in desert generally starts around 6 am, but you have to get to the higher location about 1 hour ahead of the sunrise. After breakfast, we will enjoy a tour of "Jiangnan resort" in the desert -- Nuo'ertu Lake, a perfect spot for photography. It is the largest and the most beautiful Haizi in Badain Jaran Desert. Afterwards, hop on your private jeep and transfer to Baoritaolegai. Here, you will experience special surfing on the resound sand in the sand lake. Baoritaogaile is the biggest singing sand area in the world, local people also call it “Singing Sand Kingdom”. The sound of the singing sand is loud and sounds like thunderclap or the roar of a plane. After the tour visit in Badain Jaran desert, transfer back to Alxa Youqi.

Meal: B, L

Visit Baoritaolegai Lake in Badain Jaran Desert

After breakfast, drive to visit Shandan Army Ranch, the most famous horse farm since 2000 years ago. Now it is the largest military horse breeder in China and even worldwide, and also a large producer of grain, oil and meat for the Chinese Army. Enjoy the beautiful grassland scenery and try a horse ride here. The proceed to Zhangye, visit the Great Buddha Temple (Dafo Temple) which located in the southwest corner of Zhangye City. The temple was built at the beginning of the 12th century, the largest sleeping Buddha still well preserved in it. Zhangye Museum is also located here. 

Meal: B, L

After breakfast, transfer to visit Danxia Landform Park, which is the biggest National Geographic Park in the middle of Hexi Corridor. Zhangye Danxia Landorm Park is about 40 kilometers away from Zhangye City Center. There you can see many bright colors, like red, yellow, blue, green, white which can be seen everywhere, hence it is called “China’s Rainbow Mountains”. Also, it is one of the “Top 10 Geographical Wonders of the World” that selected by National Geographic. Danxia Landform is a paradise for photographers, there are four viewing platforms for visitors to admire the scenes and take pictures.

After the tour visit, transfer to visit Mati Temple Grottoes in the afternoon. Mati Temple Grottoes is one of the important Buddha grottoes in China, and it has very strong influence of Tibetan Buddhism with 1600 years history. There are grand scale of Buddhist towers, caves and shrines in Qianfor Cave, with a total number of more than 500. The surroundings of Mati Temple are very beautiful as well, green hills, clear waters, precipitous peaks and fantastic caves are the most famous things of Mati Temple. Drive back to Zhangye after tour visit.

Meal: B, L

Zhangye Danxia

After breakfast, transfer to the train station and head for your next destination. End of 6-day Badain Jaran Desert & Zhangye Danxia Landform tour.

Meal: B, L

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