A classic China biking tour on the back roads between Guilin and Yangshuo. It's a self-guided trip exploring the peaceful countryside and scenery of Guilin, Yangshuo, Li River and its Karst landform. Guided by a handy smart phone with our GPS map, you will go very deep into the rurality of Guilin without following the fixed itinerary. This trip is good for independent travelers, bikers will have plenty of initiative during their own cycling not being fully escorted while remote monitoring and supports from our team is still available at anytime.

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You can book your own room before today, or you can also pay extra and ask us to book you the rooms in Guilin for at least one night ahead before Day1. Following our GPS on your phone and cycle through the hidden tracks until finding our hotel booked for tonight at Caoping. Enjoy the silent night along the Li River and communicate with the hostess with some translation apps about your dinner things can be a funny memory during your trip.

Meal: No Meal.

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A morning experience on boat after biking through a hill leads us to the other side of Li River where more splendid Karst views locates. Guests are facing more climbs today, but take your time and do it slowly as most of the roads are paved now. In the afternoon, we bike through the famouse Dragon Valley of Yangshuo and finally arrive our local 4 star hotel there. The best scenery hidden between Guilin and Yangshuo will be discovered and recorded into your camera.

Meal: No Meal.

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People believes that the scenery around Yangshuo is even better than Guilin, with our specially designed route, you will have chances to see the best part around Yangshuo. Today's cycling is longer so please save your strenth for more climbs and off road in the afternoon.

Meal: No Meal.

China Bike Tours, Yangshuo Bike Holiday, Cycling to Yangshuo.

Enjoy the last riding day through the orchard, nice water dams. and peacefull roads with lot of bigger Karst views and chances to experience the real China rural life. You will back to where you stay for your first cycling day and find our van waiting for you for a returning to Guilin or seeing off service (optional and extra). Returning the bikes and sharing your endless stories/questions with our guide and make a good ending of this short but wonderful trip.

Meal: No Meal.

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a.Simple bike lock will be provided. The hotels used for this tour have good relationship with GCT company, you are responsible for any possible lost / broken of the rental bike (lost = CNY2500 per bike). Please keep the bikes in your hotel room or places where the owner makes safety promises. Keep eyes on the bikes when you have lunch in the restaurant even they are locked.

b.One-off rain poncho and shoe covers are provided in raining seasons, bringing your own rain jacket or at least two pairs of shoes are recommended. The smart phone is with water proof cover but the phone itself is not water proof, please keeping it dry. Mini power bank for emergency use is also included; please make sure they are fully recharged anytime.The signals are affected by lot of reasons,occationally your position showing on the GPS is not very acurate, please re-open the app. Or check it later where signal is stronger. All the location marks on the maps are not 100% perfect, but they will definately taking you to the hotel.

c.Basic bike fixing tools are provided (allen keys, spare tubes, tools to connect the broken chains, etc. ), please double check the puncher on your tires before changing the tube, usually you will need to find the reason of the puncher and then remove the remaining thorn/iron stuff/glass, etc. Otherwise it leaks again soon. Please fix the broken tube for the next time.

d.Insurance is not included, if you need any emergency rescues when getting injured/cannot fix the bikes/lost the way completely even with the help of GPS. Extra costs is needed if we send out a guide or car.

e.Don’t’ forget to refresh your lubricant to your chains when needed. Please double check if the big pannier (and the ropes on it) are fixed well, making sure it won't stuck into your wheel after shocks on the road.

What's included

Price: From $375 / p.p.


*   4 nights' accommodation,
*   Airport pick-up to hotel on Day1,
*   Local smart phone with GPS app, phone supports at anytime. 
*   Bike (MTB / Hybird Bike - Flat Bar equipped with rear luggage rack),
*   Helmet and tools, (recommended to bring your own when the tour is over 5 days),

*  Departure airport transfers,
*  International flights,
*  Alcoholic drinks,
*  Meals not stated on the itinerary,
*  Travel insurance,
*  Tips for guide (s) and support staff (Recommended but not forced).

*Please note that obtaining your own travel insurance is required in order to participate on this biking tour. It will need to include a minimum coverage of medical expenses with emergency evacuation, personal liability and accident insurance. Our biking leader will need to see a copy of your insurance at the group meeting on the first day. We reserve the right to refuse you if you do not carry such an insurance policy.


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