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What Our Customers Say on Fodor! – Part III: On China Tours & Reviews

On Jun, Jazzdrew and his family flied to Beijing and started tour; he sent some reviews in Beijing, Chengdu as well as detailed ones when he back home.  At the end of the post,  angusjamieson posted another feedback on Easy Tour China.JazzDrew on Jun 14, 11 at 3:42am Update- We are in Beijing and could not be happier! Hotel and guide are fantastic. So far we love Beijing and can't wait ...
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What Our Customers Say on Fodor! – Part II: Book & Confirm Tours

With the help of Charlie from Easy Tour China, JazzDrew made a final decision on the china tour itinerary.JazzDrew on Feb 28, 11 at 10:18am Thanks again for all the replies. We decided to use East Tour China. I did lots of research and decided to use a tour agent as opposed to "on our own". I know there are trade-offs and we are ok with this. We chose Easy Tour China based on a combination of pr ...
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What Our Customers Say on Fodor! – Part I: Planning Tours

JazzDrew posted some message on, and shared his experience in booking the tour from Easy Tour China and how he and his family were treated during the whole trip.It it a long review starts from tour planning, itinerary change and on the road, with time ranged from Aug 30 2010 to July-13 2011. At the end of the posts, there’s another customers who show another review on Easy Tour China ...
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