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Daily Life in China

  • Change of Chinese Views on Marriage

    Many sociologists believe when a society develops steadily, the concept of marriage and love is relatively static, and when the society changes swiftly, the concept of marriage and love, as a sensitive indicator reflecting individual values, will also change d...

  • The Life after Retirement in China

    For the average Chinese people, the common dream is that they can climb mountains when they are eighty, walk when they are ninety, and self-care themselves when they are a hundred years old. According to official statistics, it was estimated that by 2020, the ...

  • Elderly Care in Urban and Rural China

    China conducted the 7th National Population Census in the end of 2020 and released the results on May 11th 2021. Data shows China’s population reached 1.41bn last year with slowest growth in decades. Hot topic with the publication of the census result is Chi...

  • Why Do Chinese People Like to Pay via Mobile Phone?

    Nowadays in China traditional payment methods have gradually been replaced by mobile payments. From supermarkets or shopping malls to street vendors or public shared bikes, Chinese people can easily pay cashless by whipping out their smart phones and scanning ...

  • The Experience of Seeing a Doctor in the Chinese Hospital

    The health care system in China witnessed dramatic changes after the founding of New China, especially in the recent 20 years. You can see the average life expectancy of the Chinese is 77 years old in 2018, increasing from 35 years in 1949. Infant mortality ra...

  • Housing Issues for Average Chinese

    Chinese mindset towards home Traditional China was an agrarian society, which made the people of the country have a special attachment to land and family. Ancient people live on the farming land and cooperation of family members. The concept of ‘home’...

  • Funeral Traditions and Customs in China

    China has a vast territory with diverse cultures. The thousand-year-old funeral traditions may vary from place to places. In Chinese thoughts, through the funeral process, Chinese people are trying to set up a connection/dialogue between the living and the dea...

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