Huangshan Maofeng Tea

As an old Chinese saying goes that "famous mountains produce famous teas". Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain) in Eastern China’s Anhui province is one of the nation’s most famous mountains and home to several superior varieties of Chinese green teas. No doubt, the Huangshan Mao Feng tea is the best.  

Huangshan Mao Feng Tea literally means "Yellow Mountain Fur Peak". It is so called, because the tea trees are planted in Yellow Mountain area, with its newly-picked leaves being covered by small white hairs, and the cusp of the leave resembling the peak of a mountain. Huangshan Mao Feng is one of the 10 best Chinese teas.  

This Chinese green tea features slightly coiled leaves, slender starwort-like shape, yellowish green color, unveiled silver pekoe, and golden jannum. After brewing it in boiled water, the steam will arise and linger above the yellowish green liquor. And the tea is of sweetish mellow and orchid fragrance. 

The Production Area of Huangshan Mao Feng Tea 

Yellow Mountain has long taken credit for having the most breathtaking mountain views in China, and also the best tea plantation fields with the exceptional advantage of high elevation, warm climate, abundant rainfall, and a large area of fertile soil hidden in the cloud and fog. The Peach Peak, Ziyun Peak, Yungu Temple, Songgu Temple, 700-800 meters above sea level, are the major places for premium Huangshan Mao Feng planting.  

The best Huangshan Maofeng teas are picked in the early Spring before China's Qingming Festival (April 4-5). And only the new tea buds and the finest leaves next to the bud are picked. Then, get them steamed, rolled and baked in the same day. It is one of the best new China tea.

Girls picking Huangshan Maofeng Tea

The History and Culture of Huangshan Mao Feng Tea 

The scenic and mystic Yellow Mountain began to grow tea 1200 years ago. When it came to the year 1056 of Song Dynasty, the Xie family of Fuxi Town at the foot of Yellow Mountain initiated a new tea processing method of “fry – rub – bake”, making the China tea development into a new period. For generations, the Xie family in Fuxi Town with a resident population of approximately 10,000 live by planting tea, processing tea and selling tea.  

It was in 1875 during the Qing Dynasty that a Chinese tea merchant named Zheng’an Xie from the Xie family who was also a local grower improved the original tea processing method and developed a “secret” formula so as to meet the market demand, compete for wholesale business and export business. In this way, Huangshan Maofeng was created.   

The Remarkable Health Benefits of Huangshan Mao Feng Tea 

1. Huangshan Maofeng promotes blood circulation to remove blood stasis in the body, and prevents hardening of the arteries and cancer. 

2. Huangshan Maofeng clears harmful bacteria in the body, and helps to cure intestinal diseases. 

3. Eager to lose weight? Drink the Huangshan Maofeng tea regularly. It is a famous China slim tea and Chinese weight loss tea.

4. Drinking Huangshan Maofeng tea reduces radiation damage, while at the same time slows down aging and beautifys skin.

5. The tea eases bronchial spasm, and is a good supplement in the treatment of bronchial asthma, myocardial infarction.

6. Huangshan Maofeng is helpful in the prevention of dental caries.

Huangshan Maofeng Tea culture 

The Essential Tips of Brewing Huangshan Maofeng Tea 

1. The suggested weight ratio of tea to water is 1:80.

2. A good Maofeng would be scalded with water that is over 90°C. Water at 80℃-90℃ promises bright green liquor, pure aroma, and sweet floral taste.

3. A pot of Maofeng can be served up to 3 or 4 rounds. It takes about 3 minutes for each brew. And the tea of the second round is the best. 

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