There are few places more enticing than Wuyi Mountain for tea aficionados in China and worldwide, a UNSECO World Heritage site situated in the far northwest part of Fujian Province that serves up the preeminent subcategory of Wulong tea, named Wu Yi Rock Tea (Wu Yi Yan Cha). It is One of top ten famous Chinese tea, with Da Hong Pao being the king of Wu Yi Rock Tea.  

The production Area of  Wuyi Oolong Tea

The 70-square-kilometer Wu Yi Mountain is internationally recognized and protected for its biological diversity and significance as an ancient cultural site. The warm climate, abundant rainfall (with annual rainfall of around 2000 mm) and high elevation make it a perfect place for this superior Oolong tea. The local tea farmers make full use of the rock gaps and tunnels on the steep precipices and cliffs of Danxia landform to plant tea, hence the name rock tea (yan cha). The tea quality depends on the altitude: the higher the tea produced, the better the tea. 

 Features of Wuyi Rock Tea

The characteristics of Wuyi Rock Tea  

Wuyi Rock Chinese Tea is semi-fermented tea, and famous for rich fragrance, pure tea water, and endless sweet aftertaste. There are several kinds of Wuyi Rock Tea, with Da Hong Pao, Tie Luo Han, Bei Gong Ji and Shui Jin Yu being the most famous ones. In the Tang Dynasty, tea leaves of Wuyi Mountain was a precious kind of tea offered exclusively to the imperial family and upper class. Da Hong Pao, the best kind among oolong are said to be the “king of all Chinese teas”, and often given as Chinese gifts to heads of state. Da Hong Pao’s six mother trees have a history of 350 years and grow on the crag of the Tianxin Rock of Mt. Wuyi.  

Da Hong Pao’s Mother Trees

The brew methods of Wuyi Rock Tea 

According to Chinese tea masters, only the correct brewing and drinking method can give full play to the unique flavor and characteristics of Wuyi Rock Tea. 

1. Get yourself a special oolong Chinese tea set (with a 90-150 ml Yixing purple clay teapot or a Shan Cai Cup).

2. Put the tea leaves into the teapot (1/3 -2/3 of the teapot).

3. Add the boiling mountain spring water.

4. The time for brewing: 10 – 20 seconds for each of the first to the third brew; increments by 10 – 20 seconds for the following brews. A pot of tea can be served up to 10 rounds. 

5. Then you can sip the refreshing tea. 

 Brew Wuyi Rock Tea

Health Benefits of Wuyi Rock Tea 

Wuyi Rock Tea has both the advantages of black tea and green tea, warm in nature and good for the digestive system. It is considered the most effective natural weight loss solution available to everyone today, and promises that you'll lose a large amount of weight in a short time when combined with healthy diet -  the best China slim tea. The rock tea also has excellent efficacy in immunity enhancement, anti-aging, cancer prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, etc -- the Chinese detox tea you're loopking for. Wuyi Rock Tea was introduced to Europe in the 18th century, and favored by local people. At that time It was enjoyed the " the medicine to cure all kinds of disease".

Benefits of Wuyi Rock Tea

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