Top Ten Famous Chinese Tea

Chinese tea is regarded as a national drink in this country. What is the Chinese legend about tea? According to the legend, tea was first found by Chinese Emperor Shennong when he accidentally chewed the tea leaves to remove the poison from his body. Tea is deeply woven into the Chinese history and culture. The beverage has been considered as the part of many Chinese people’s daily life. The Chinese famous tea are the ten reputable ones in China, and essential to Chinese tea culture. Please see below for more information:

Longjing Tea

Longjing tea, sometimes referred to its literal translated name Dragon Well tea, is a pan-fried Chinese green tea from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The tea has a recorded history of over 1,000 years, and it is produced mostly by hand. The high-quality Longjing green tea leaves are uniform in appearance, and among the best of new China teas. It always rank one of the most famous China tea.

Longjing tea is divided into seven grades and is highly praised for green color, long-lasting fragrance and mellow taste. It is well-known worldwide and even Queen Elizabeth II, former US President Richard Nixon, and Henry Kissinger once tasted this tea during their visit to China.

Longjing tea is a best China slim tea and detox tea.

Top Chinese teas

Biluochun Tea

Biluochun is a famous Chinese green tea originally grown in the Dong Ting mountain of Jiangsu Province. It is translated into Green Snail Spring due to its shape of tight spiral, resembling snail meat, and is cropped early spring. Every single pound of dry tea-leaves contains sixty to seventy thousands of leaf-buds. Treasured for delicate appearance, fruity taste and floral aroma, it was offered to emperors as the tribute in ancient China.

Tieguanyin Tea

Tieguanyin, translated as Iron Goddess, is a premium variety of Chinese oolong tea originated in the 19th century in Anxi, Fujian province. It ranks on the top of the list of hundreds of different types of oolong tea. The tea has pleasant fragrance and is very good for health and weight losing. Tieguanyin mean literally Iron Kwan-yin. In the Qing Dynasty, Qianlong emperor said the shape of tea leave similar to Kwan-yin’s face and has a heavier weight like iron, hence it got the name.

Huangshan Maofeng Tea

One of the best Chinese teas, Huangshan Maofeng tea of China is a green tea produced in the south eastern of Anhui province. Its English translation is Yellow Mountain Fur Peak, due to the small white hairs covering the leaves which resemble the peak of mountain. Jade green and tender tea leaves consist of a mixture of one-bud-one-leaf, and one-bud-two-leaves variety. The dried leaf has a comfortable bamboo fragrance and is highly refreshing and delicious with sweet floral taste and a complex aroma.

Most famous Chinese teas

Liu'an Guapian Tea

Liu'an Guapian, also known as Liu'an Melon Seed, is a Chinese green tea from Liu'an County in Anhui Province. Its name is derived from the shape of the tea leaves, which are flat and oval and resemble a melon seed. When making tea, Liu’an Guapian utilizes the second leaf on the branch instead of the new buds that used by most green tea. With a bright color, Liu'an Guapian has a particularly smooth taste and sweet aroma.

Xinyang Maojian Tea

With the honor of winning the 1915 Panama World Exposition's Golden Medal Award, XinYang Maojian is a China green tea produced in Xinyang City, Henan Province. Early spring is the best time to pick Xinyang Maojian tea and bring the market new China tea. The appearance of Mao Jian tea leaves is featured with slightly dark-green color, straight and delicate edges. Maojian tea is treasured for its refreshing taste and pleasant aroma. In the legend, the tea was brought down to the earth by nine fairies, so you will see the image of nine dancing fairies in the vapor when drinking.

Chinese tea culture

Keemun Black Tea

Keemun Black Tea is one of the most famous Chinese black tea produced in Qimen County, Anhui Province. It is regarded as one of the top three fragrant tea in the world. Its tea-leaves are slender, tightly curled. The fruity and floweriness of Keemun black tea createa a very distinctive and balanced taste. It also displays a hint of orchid fragrance and the sweetness of Chinese tea. What’s more, Keemun Tea is believed to enhance one's alertness and memory.

Lushan Yunwu Tea

There was an old Chinese saying "where there's cloud and mist, there's bound to be good tea". Indeed, Lushan Yunwu tea is one of China's the finest teas, and it was already an Imperial Tribute Tea since the Song Dynasty. Planted in Mt. Lu of Jiangxi Province, Lushan Yunwu tea has a very unique and lasting sweet taste with hint of fruity notea, and the sweetness is quite apparent even after four infusions. During the infusion, it is a feast to observe some purplish leaves on the buds open slightly.

Best Chinese teas

Junshan Yinzhen Tea

Junshan Yinzhen, known as Mt. Jun Silver Needle in English, is a  yellow tea planted in the Junshan Island of Dongting Lake in Hunan Province. As one of the Chinese Famous Tea, it is also the preferred tea of Chairman Mao Zedong. With apricot yellow color liquid and fresh aroma, Junshan Yinzhen is an outstanding example of the yellow tea. When brewing, the tips of the tea-leaves stand upright in the water.

Wuyi Yancha Tea

Wuyi Yancha, also known as Wuyi Rock Tea. The plant grows in crack of rocks in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province, hence the name. Yancha tea combines the fresh fragrance of green tea with the mellow sweetness of black tea. It was used as tribute to the imperial court in ancient China and gained popularity immediately when it was introduced to Europe in the 18th century, owning to its lovely flowery aromas and health benefits. Da Hong Pao is the best typifier of Wuyi Yancha oolong tea.

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