Best Chinese New Year Gift Ideas for Family, Friends, kids

As the Chinese New Year draws nearer and nearer, the streets and lanes are filled with a festive atmosphere. It is time to choose the Chinese New Year Gifts! But how to choose the best lunar new year gifts for parents, kids, elders, and friends?

Giving New Year gifts is a very important activity and tradition in Chinese New Year. Select the ideal New Year's gifts to show those around you how much you care and love them.

This is a list of best Chinese New Year gifts. Best of all: You don’t have to spend big to get a perfect present. Most of these great finds are totally affordable, and go for anyone.

10 Most Popular Chinese New Year Gifts

1. Tea

It is well known that Chinese people love tea. For five thousand years, tea culture has been deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture as a symbol of Eastern civilisation. As the saying goes, "firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar and tea" -- tea is the most important ingredient in people's lives".

The more important reason to have tea the Spring Festival gift is that tea is known as the world's  healthiest drink. Drinking tea has a plethora of health advantages, including anti-aging, refreshing, and disease prevention.

Give some warm black tea as a Chinese New Year gift. Alternately, pick a tea that the other person enjoys drinking.

Best Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

2. Wine

The wine is one of the best Chinese New Year gifts to consider if you’re looking for a pick that’s both high-grade and practical. 

One of the most significant cultures in China has always been wine culture. A "long lasting" Chinese New Year's wish is conveyed by gifting wine. A tip for gifting wine - white wine should be gifted in even numbers, while red wine should be gifted in odd numbers.

3. Fruit Basket

If you’re looking a beautiful, practical and affordable Chinese New Year gift basket, fruit basket is one of the best choices. 

Fruit baskets are a blessing for longevity, health and good luck. Avoid putting pears in the fruit basket, as Pears and "away" harmonise, which is unlucky.

Best Chinese New Year Gifts

4. Ceramics Set

A ceramic set makes for an awesome gift and those with a large collection will like it to store in the house. It can be a tea ware set, a ceramic vase, or a tableware set. 

Tea culture and ceramic culture are a perfect match. Drinking tea with ceramic tea sets can improve the body's absorption of water, expel toxins and heavy metals from the body, and promote good health.

The word "bottle" in the vase harmonises with the word "Ping", meaning "peace". A priceless ceramic vase's great aesthetic and collector value also make it an excellent choice for a new year's gift.

5. Hongbao (Red Envelopes)

You cannot go wrong with gifting Hongbao -- the Chinese red envelop with money inside. These red envelopes are a common part of Chinese new year celebrations, as they represent good luck and well wishes for the coming year.

If you haven’t had any good Chinese New Year gift ideas at the money, simply give red envelops, to parents, kids, the elderly, or even friends.

Remember to stuff the red envelopes with "lucky" denominations, such as 200, 666, 888, or 999. Avoid unlucky numbers, especially those that contain the unluckiest number of all-- 4!

Best Chinese New Year Gift - hongbao

6. Cigarettes

If your loved one is a smoker, he/she is sure to love this Lunar New Year gift. Cigarettes come in a wide range of varieties, and while it's certainly good to gift expensive ones, it still depends on your affordability. So what kind of cigarettes to gift can not be generalised, but should be decided on the basis of a number of factors such as the recipient's identity, status, personality and preferences.

7. Healthcare Products

If you’re shopping a Chinese New Year gift for that one family member or friend who is keen on fitness and healthy diet, look no further than the healthy food. Healthcare products, such as nutrition, vitamins, massage device, foot bath tub are always great ideas.

8. Gift packs

The children, youngsters, the elderly, and almost everyone will will appreciate a Chinese New Year gift box. It can be dim sum gift box. Beijing traditional dim sum such as date paste cake and ox tongue cake are very popular. Alternatively, you can choose from flower cakes or egg custard pastries from southern China, which have become popular in recent years, and pair them with an exquisite gift box.

Snacks gift box and nuts gift box are also good choices!

Best Chinese New Year Gifts - food box

How to Choose Chinese New Year Gifts for People

Best Chinese New Year gifts for Seniors

  • Household appliances
  • Clothes (e.g. hat, scarves, shoes)
  • massage devices (e.g. massage chair, massage pillar, foot bath tub)
  • Nutritious food
  • Red envelops
  • Best Chinese New Year gifts for Clients

  • Books/paintings with artistic value
  • Wine
  • Tea
  • Electronics (e.g. smart phone, tablet, camera)
  • Gift set
  • Best Chinese New Year gifts for Kids

  • Red envelops
  • Snacks gift box (e.g. chocolate and candy)
  • Fireworks for kids
  • Books
  • Electronics (e.g. E-reader, kids' watches)
  • school supplies (e.g. bag, table lamp, watercolor pen set, globe)
  • Toys, games, dolls
  • Clothes
  • Best Chinese New Year Gifts for kids

    Best Chinese New Year gifts for Friends, Boyfriend, and Girlfriend

  • Red envelops
  • Fruit baskets
  • Home supplies (e.g. bedding, cushion, coffee maker)
  • Electronics (e.g. smart phone, tablet, headphones, camera)
  • Aromatherapy product

  • If are shopping gifts for boyfriend, consider electronics, wallet, shaver, belt, and lighter. Muscle massage gun is a perfect gift if your darling is a fitness fanatic. And if he is photo enthusiast, tripod head is a perfect choice.

    Your girlfriend will probably appreciate the perfume, lipstick, jewels, silk scarves, skin care products, and handbags.

    Best Chinese New Year gifts for Colleagues and Neighbors

  • Fruit baskets
  • Snacks gift box
  • Tea
  • Wine
  • Office supplies (e.g. coffee cup, keyboard, mouse, plants, New Year decorations or crafts )
  • Aromatherapy product
  • Choosing and Giving Lunar New Year Gifts Tips

  • Give someone what they like or need, not what is expensive. Giving a gift that is too expensive sometimes puts a psychological burden on the other person, and sometimes they may even be afraid to accept it.
  • It's best to deliver the gift in person. And choose an appropriate time.
  • Learn some Chinese New Year greetings and wishes when giving the gifts, such as 新年快乐 (Xīn Nián Kuài Lè), 恭喜發財 (Gung hei faat choi), 万事如意 (wàn shì rú yì) , etc.
  • Things to avoid:

  • Don't give your parents or the elderly a "watch" or "clock", as it has the sound of "sending the end of life".
  • Avoid giving gifts to your boss or leader in public, as it is likely to attract attention and comments from others. Instead, meet them in a private occasion, such as the office or home.
  • Open presents private from the giver. Although it is no longer important among the younger generation, Chinese people generally do not open gifts in front of the giver. It is best to wait until later to open gifts in front of everyone.
  • Don't send second-hand goods / gifts. Chinese New Year's gifts are better when they are new.

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