Explore China more like a local rather than a tourist – the 11 days real China tour is exactly what you’re looking for. The itinerary is exclusively crafted with visits of local family, traditional market, park, real estate, English-learning institute for local life, society and education experiencing, immersive food tour for iconic food street and local cuisine, local public transport travel to discover the city corners. We even prepare for you a smart phone to purchase online and scan the QR code to pay. Of course, the China highlights are also included. In a word, we bring the real China to your life.

Duration: 11 days & 10 nights

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an – Chengdu - Shanghai

Starting Point: Beijing

Ending Point: Shanghai

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Embark the international flight to Beijing to start your real China discovery tour. Beijing is the cultural and political center of China, where the Chinese government is based. With a history of over three millenniums and an ancient capital of 5 dynasties, the city boasts numerous historical sites and ruins. Beijing is definitely one of the best places in the world to learn history and the first place you should visit to learn China.

Meet your Easy Tour China guide and driver at the airport and transfer to hotel to check-in. Explore Beijing on your own pace for the rest of the day.

Meal: No Meals 

Wake in Beijing China and today you’ll travel back in time. In the morning, Imagine you’re an emperor, and maybe also with your queen and prince, to have an in-depth tour of your palace – the Forbidden City. At the age of its 600+ years, Forbidden City still symbolizes the dignity and glory of the Chinese Empire. Discover the treasures, cultural artifacts here, and get to know Chinese history.

This afternoon visit an English Language Learning Institute in Beijing, part of local education, where you can talk with the teachers and students, and understand how Chinese people, especially the younger generation, try hard to learn English. China is becoming an English-speaking country in the world. And you’ll find traveling in China is easier and easier.

Thereafter, like a local Beijinger, scan QR code with smart phone we prepare for you to ride a shared bicycle to go through Beijing city. In China, you can buy everything without cash. And you will have a deep understanding of that in the following days.

Meal: B, L

real China tour to Beijing

See the vibrant Beijing in the morning with a local breakfast tour and explore the traditional hutong neighborhood. The long, narrow alleyways are the folk cultural roots of Beijing, where you can taste the authentic and popular Beijing breakfast with local families living in hutongs – Douzhir (fermented soya-bean milk) and Fried dough sticks, steamed buns, fried dumplings, etc. Stroll around hutong to digest the big breakfast and witness real Beijinger’s lifestyle.

One of the most remarkable ancient wonders in the world, the Great Wall is where you can know China history better with the help of your expert guide. Get in Mutianyu Great Wall on mountain tops in the afternoon, standing on the endless wall and walking between the beacon towers to imagine the wars and battles happened here.

Meal: B, L

Beijing hutong breakfast tour


The once religious shrine of ancient China where emperors paid homage to heaven is now a living park for locals to do morning exercise, running, practicing Tai Chi or other forms of Kung Fu, dancing, singing… They all live happy and peaceful life. Chat with them if possible, and get to know the Chinese people’s philosophy of life. And of course don’t miss the beautiful architecture of Temple of Heaven – a masterpiece of traditional Chinese structure.

Catch your high speed train from Beijing to Xian, with hundreds of local Chinese people. Experience China’s high speed rail system – the most advanced of its kind in the world. You can expect super fast speed, comfort and punctuality.

Meal: B, L


As you know, you shouldn’t miss Terracotta Army in Xian, a great army dating to 2000 years ago. Get to know human military force in cold weapon era, how the military was organized, what weapons they used, and the superb pottery handicraft of ancient China.

On the way back to downtown Xian, be invited into a local family’s cave house, which is a traditional dwelling in North China. Chat with the friendly host to know local customs and living conditions.

Later, stroll leisurely through the local Muslim community to glimpse Hui people’s daily life and customs, and visit the Great Mosque of Xian blending both traditional Chinese and Islamic architectural style. And stimulate the appetite with hundreds of street foods, snacks and drinks at the Muslim Quarter.

Meal: B, L

China tour with Terracotta Warriors

Get in Xian Ancient City Wall, as long as 13.74km, that divides the old and new of the city. In history, the wall witnessed the flourishing of the great Silk Road. You’ve witnessed the historical past of Xian, and now you’ll get to know Xian’s modern development. Follow your guide to the local talent market to see how Chinese people looking for jobs. Perhaps you may chat with one or two of the job seekers or staff to learn the employment status in China.

Leave Xian, and head for Chengdu, the hometown of giant panda. To know the real China, how can you ignore pandas?

Meal: B, L

An iconic symbol of China, giant panda is perfectly protected in Sichuan Province. The scientists work industriously on the breeding and wild training of panda. And the staff of base commits themselves to give panda a better and healthier living environment. Have a close contact with the cute pandas and learn knowledge about them.

This afternoon, you’ll have an understanding of the real estate market in China by visiting a real estate sales department in Chengdu. Every single Chinese person cares about real estate and long for their own house. Get to know the Chinese housing price and whether Chinese people can afford an apartment.

Meal: B, L

Real China tour with giant panda

Live like a local in Chengdu today. After breakfast, go visit the traditional morning market, where all kinds of food materials, including seasoning vegetables and fruits, various tofu, meat, local specialty are for sale. Buy the things you need for today’s lunch with smart phone again. Try bargaining if you like. Come to your temporary “home”, and learn from the host to make authentic Chinese dishes. Enjoy the Chinese foods made yourself.

Chengdu people like tea and mahjong, two essentials in their daily life. Find a lovely tea house at Chengdu People’s Park to sip the tea and chat with locals about Sichuan traditions and tea culture for a relaxing afternoon. It will be fun to learn mahjong, an interesting recreational activity among locals. Also visit the blind-dating corner at the park to know how Chinese parents seek a date for their marriage age son and daughter. Guess there’s no such places in your country, don’t you?

Thereafter, take an enjoyable walk through Jinli Old Street to taste Sichuan foods and snacks. Sichuan cuisine is an import part of Chinese cuisine and regarded as the most popular national wide. Use mobile phone with the Alipay or wechat Pay to pay for the delicacies.

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Meal: B, L

Real China tour with family visit and traditional market

Continue your China tour, flying from Chengdu to Shanghai, the most bustling city in China. There’s a saying goes that if you want to know China’s modern history of the last 150 years, visit Shanghai. Upon arrival, pick up and transfer to explore the Bund, strolling on the boardwalk to view 19th to 20th-century colonial architectures and the ornate skyscrapers on another bank of Huangpu River. Learn from your guide about the history of the Bund and back stories about the historical buildings.

Enjoy the fabulous night scene of neon lights of Shanghai at the observatory of Shanghai Jinmao Tower or Shanghai Tower. Obtain a panorama view of the city - Chinese name it the Modu CITY or Monster City. And experience the colorful night life here yourself.

PS. You should have already got your gift bought online.

Meal: B, L

Real China tour to Shanghai

The metropolis Shanghai prides itself with one of the most developed city transportation system. Today your guide will lead you to explore Shanghai with public transport, just like locals. You’ll take subway, one of the busiest underground systems on Earth, to get to Yu Garden, the finest classic Chinese garden in Shanghai. Continually explore the area to Yuyuan Market, the city’s food center, connecting with old streets filled with traditional buildings. Take subway or city bus to visit Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center founded by Yan Pei-Ming for artistic poster dating to early 20th Century and the Cultural Revolution.

Get a Didi ride (online taxi service similar to uber TAXI), taking a private car taxi, to get to Xintiandi – the old town of Shanghai but a new look – perhaps for a cup of coffee. Then head for the former French Concession to view more historical structures.

Meal: B, L

Here comes the last day of your China discovery tour. We truly hope you have been enjoying your trip and known real China. Fly back home with your treasured memories. Easy Tour China service ends.

Meal: B

What's included

  • 1-on-1 Travel Consultant

    Your China based expert listens to your wishes carefully, provides professional advice, ensures unlimited itinerary revisions before done and 24/7 helpline service while traveling.

  • Private Local Guide and Driver

    Your guides are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and your drivers are professional, polite and patient. They are very flexible to accommodate your personal needs and happy to show you the local attractions, history, culture, foods and real life. 
    Private transfers from hotel to attractions, airport or train station are also included.

  • Accommodation to Suite Your Preference

    In each place, we hand pick hotels ranging from luxury 5 star, superior 4 star to comfortable 3 star. Luxury or cozy boutique hotels and budget guesthouses are also among your choices. You could decide where to stay to meet your taste and budget.

  • Gourmet Meals

    Most of the hotels we select offer both Western and Chinese buffet breakfast. Lunch and dinner included are arranged in selected restaurants to taste authentic Chinese cuisine and local specialties. Thus you may also have a unique food tour.
    Meals specified in itinerary as B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner.

  • Attractions and Activities Listed on the Itinerary

    Our China tour packages have included the (first/main) entry to all attractions and the expenses of activities on the itinerary (except the optional activities).

  • Internal Transportation

    Based on your needs, we could make bookings of internal transportation, including domestic flights, inter-city trains, long-distance bus, etc.

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