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Located in the far northwest corner of Fujian Province, Wuyishan is an attractive region with natural mountain scenery area as well as cultural treasures of tea growing like Dahongpao tea or Oolong tea. Wuyishan has long been regarded at the birth place of Chinese Oolong tea and Red (black) tea.

It is also a world cultural and natural heritage site and has been named one of the "ten happiest places in the world" by Lonely Planet. Wuyishan Scenic Area is the essence of the whole city, called the best mountain in Fujian Province featured with Danxia landform; among these, Wuyishan Nature Reserve is a must-see site. Qinglong Waterfall and Longchuan Grand Canyon enrich the charm of the area, and make the mountain trip cooler and more leisure. Explore ancient architecture by visiting Xiamei Village; find the famed boat-shaped coffins suspended from cliffs in Ancient City Ruins of Han Dynasty. >> Read more about Wuyishan history, facts, getting around, etc.

How to plan a wonderful Wuyishan tour? Easy Tour China can design you enjoyable Wuyishan trip with different themes! Tea culture experience, landforms exploration, hiking adventure and leisure holiday are all available according to your preference. Send an inquiry to us now, we will give you an impressive Wuyishan trip.

Suggested Private Wuyishan Tour Packages

Taste some cups of black tea in the tea plantation in Wuyishan Scenic Area; rest in the Grand Canyon; slow down and take a boat in the waterfall area; take your time in ancient town to have a real experience… what a relaxing holiday!

  • 3 Days
    3 Days Wuyishan Tour

    With the most spectacular and unspoilt scenery in Fujian province, Mount Wuyi Scenic Area is a terrific place for hiking and ex

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  • 4 Days
    4 Days Wuyishan Tour

    During the 4-day trip, escape to the mountainous scenery of Mount Wuyi. Just walk up to the peak for a panoramic view of the mo

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  • 3 Days
    Wuyishan Weekend Getaway

    Beyond the big-name destinations, China offers an incredible array of hidden gems that boast historical importance, natural bea

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  • 6 Days
    Fujian Tea Culture tour to Anxi and Mt. Wuyi

    One of the birthplaces of Chinese tea, and the hometown of oolong tea, Fujian is one of the best places to experience tea cultu

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  • 5 Days
    Xiamen and Wuyi Mountain Tour: Culture & Nature Combo
    Experience the rich culture and raw beauty of South China on 5-day Xiamen and Wuyi Mountain tour package. Xiamen offers every mode
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Top Experiences & Attractions in Wuyishan

  • Located at the middle part of Wuyi Mountain Range - northwest of Fujian Province, Wuyishan Scenic Area covers an area of 60 km². The mountain scenic area is 16km south of Wuyishan...
  • It is an important site for national preservation covering an area of 99, 975 hectares (247,038 acres) in the northwest region of Fujian Province, has been called the home of anima...
  • 6km east of Wuyishan City (8km away from Wuyishan Scenic Area), Xiamei is a peaceful village of about 500 household (population: 2500). Xiamei Village is named after a streamlet ca...
  • The big waterfall has extremely rich water source. It is like a green dragon howling out from the canyon. The hundred meters boundary the moisture is misty and finally encircles in...
  • The moment you step into this canyon world, you enter a realm of picturesque landscape. Here, you can see the green ridges and peaks, the blossoming flower, the chirping birds and ...
  • It the time of 15 anniversary of Wuyishan nature reserve in July 1994, the Achievement Hall was added. It shows the achievements Wuyishan reserve has got in the past 15 years. In D...

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