Other Health Issues

Health issues are of public concern. Before booking the trip, people with heart and lung problems or blood diseases should consult their doctor. When in Tibet, altitude sickness is really one of the biggest challenges. In addition, there are other health concerns for advice.

Keep warm. At the first two days after your entry, Please don't take shower to head off a cold. The temperature in Tibet varies greatly between day and night. Make sure to take warm clothing, as it is quite chilly and cold during the nights and early mornings. Travelers are suggested to bring layered clothes, which can be easily added or removed;

Drinking water should be boiled or purified in any place of Tibet, even in the hotels. The simplest way to purify water is to boil it thoroughly. For the boiling point of water is somewhat lower in Tibet, it is better to boil water for more time (at least 10 minutes). While trekking, travelers can treat water with water-purification tablets. Actually, bottled water, Soft drinks and beer are always available wherever there is a shop. These are safe to drink;

Food The traditional Tibetan lives on barley, meat (mutton or yak) and dairy products, with very few spices or vegetables. But for travelers, try to avoid any greasy food in the first days after arriving in Lhasa. Meantime, eat more digestible food, vegetables & fruits. Please note that, vegetables and fruit should be washed with purified or bottled water or peeled if possible. In general, restaurants are packed with locals or travelers would be fine. And, the vendors in the streets looks clean and healthy, then the food is probably safe;  

Skin care The dry air and strong sunlight on the plateau would do harm to one's skin. Skin-care products, like lip balms, sun block, and skin creams, are highly recommended. Sunglasses and sunhats can also protect you effectively from being exposed to the scorching sunlight. If necessary, wear long-sleeve clothes when you walk under the sun.

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