China Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential and a must-have for any international travel. Whether you are traveling to China for a honeymoon, with family, or on business, you may encounter some unplanned circumstances when you are traveling outside your home country.

Purchasing comprehensive international travel insurance for your upcoming China travel can provide you with coverage for expenses incurred due to any accidental events (such as illness, injury, theft, or other losses) happening during your traveling. With travel insurance, you can also get assistance to deal with many other potential risks that could spoil your trip to China.

Why China Travel Insurance

Most likely, your domestic health or medical insurance will not work while you’re traveling abroad. Even if it does, it may not have adequate coverage, and you may be left with high medical bills.

The chances you get injured, lose luggage, or be kidnapped are not high. Purchasing international travel insurance for traveling to China is not only to minimize unpredicted damage and loss, but also to get you peace of mind during your trip.

Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance

The Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance is mandatory insurance regulated by China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) in May 2001. Any legal China travel agency in mainland China must purchase Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance for its clients to guarantee certain rights and interests of both the travel agency itself and its clients.

The Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance assures that you will receive compensation if you encounter any property damages, personal injury, and death caused by your travel agency’s negligence or fault during your tour in China.

However, the Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance does not cover compensation of mishaps or physical problems occurring outside the guided tour period, during designated free time, or caused by you. The Travel Agencies’ Liability is the kind of China travel insurance provided by Easy Tour China if you book a guided China tour package with us. And this insurance is not available for the customers who book half-day tours, China train and air tickets, hotels, pick up & transfer service.

International Travel Insurance for China Travel

Travel Agencies’ Liability Insurance only is a kind of limited travel insurance, we strongly recommend that you should purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy in your home country before traveling to China, to insure against any unforeseen circumstances and enjoy a worry-free trip in China.

Easy Tour China Travel Co. Ltd cannot be held responsible if you purchase inadequate insurance or if you fail to notify your insurance company of any factors affecting your particular requirements for cover. If you fail to take out adequate travel insurance, it will be deemed that you have indemnified Easy Tour China Travel Co. Ltd from any consequential loss.

What Travel Insurance Should Cover?

In general, we suggest that you should purchase yourself full coverage international travel insurance before visiting China, which at least covers the following expenses:

  • Medical Expenses: Travel medical insurance can provide medical coverage in the event of an unexpected accident, illness, injury, or medical emergency on foreign soil.
  • Trip Cancellation, Interruption & Delay: You may plan your China tour months or even year in advance. This provides coverage for prepaid, non-refundable trip costs in case circumstances force you to cancel, interrupt or delay your trip for covered reasons.
  • Loss of Baggage & Personal Belongings: This provides compensation in case your baggage or other personal belongings are lost, stolen, or damaged during your trip.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation: This plan provides coverage for evacuation and repatriation expenses to get you home.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment: Even though it seems unlikely to happen, you should still make sure your travel insurance covers it.
  • 24/7 Assistance: 24/7 travel assistance service provides a 24-hour hotline to expert help in case you need medical assistance, travel document replacement, language interpretation services, legal assistance, etc.
  • Other Things to Consider

  • Pandemic: Obviously, we are still in an age of COVID-19. Many travel insurance policies may not cover you for a pandemic outbreak anymore. Pay close attention to what is and isn’t covered.
  • Pre-existing Medical Condition: If you want medical coverage for your trip to China and you have existing health concerns, you need to be aware of whether your travel insurance policy excludes pre-existing medical conditions or not.
  • Extreme Sports: Typical health and medical travel insurance policies may provide inadequate coverage of extreme and high-risk sports. If you are going to experience high-risk activities in China like rock climbing, sky diving, or jet skiing, make sure you purchase the best travel medical plan.
  • Important Tips for China Travel Insurance

    1. We suggest buying travel insurance immediately after you’ve done your travel arrangements. Some insurance policies are time sensitive. The sooner you purchase travel insurance, the bigger your coverage window.

    2. It’s always good to read your insurance policy and fine print carefully for inclusions and exclusions before you buy.

    3. Examine the coverage you already have and avoid paying for double coverage, e.g. home and belongings coverage you already have with renters or homeowners insurance.

    4. If you are traveling to China with kids, it’s good to consider a travel insurance plan covers children under 18.

    5. Carrying the proof of your travel insurance with you during your trip, and safe a back up to your online storage.

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