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Easy Tour China has been running online travel business for more than 12 years, which made us a leading travel company for tailor-made tour services all over country. To achieve more success in this field, we are looking for either volunteer or students for internship to help us improve our work, and better serve the clients from different corners of the world.

Benefits of working with us
Connecting you to Chinese world
If you are interested in China, and Chinese people, this is the gateway to a new world, connecting you to its people and culture. You will make many new friends, and learn a lot about the country.

Advancing your career
Working with us can help you get experience in China travel industry and meet people in the field. If you’re not planning on developing your careers in tourism, the work still gives you the opportunity to practice important skills of communication with Chinese people, and obtain the first-hand knowledge of the country.

Bringing fun and fulfillment to your life
What you do here can be a relaxing, energizing escape from your day-to-day routine of work. Working with Easy Tour China will be a fun and easy way to realize your dream of visiting China. We will offer to sponsor part of the travel cost in China for those who help us a lot to improve our website and services.

What to do:
1.  Copy writing and proof-reading of the contents on our website, and training our sales staff to develop better language skills when they communicate with our clients. Native English speakers are preferred;

2.  If you boast the professional background in hospitality industry, you are warmly welcomed to deliver valuable suggestions on our travel products and website issues based on your expertise.

If you are interested in working as volunteer or intern at Easy Tour China, please feel free to contact us:

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  • Asked by Jo-Anne Chow
    2015-08-27 22:10
    Hi there,
    I submitted a form a few days ago so resending again. I am Chinese-Canadian, fluent in English. I have working knowledge of Toishan (similar to Cantonese). With 1-2 hours per week, I could help with training your sales staff, proof your website, or offer advice on travel material/packages. My background is Marketing (Business) and Adult Training. Let me know if I may help out.
    Best, Jo-Anne
  • Asked by Emma Steel
    2014-04-01 03:03
    I would like to apply to be a volunteer copy-editor with your company. I have experience working with Chinese tour companies, editing their English web content so it is appropriate for their target audience.

    If you are still looking for candidates please let me know.

    Kindest regards

    Emma Steel
    Answered by Rickey
    2014-04-02 17:40
    Dear Emma,

    Thanks very much for your email and proposal.

    You will be reached via email very soon.

    Have a good day there!

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