Private China Tours

What is a private China tour?
While traveling with a large group can be fun, we believe traveling on your own, or just with your friends and family can provide a much better travel experience. A private China tour means that the tour you take is exclusive to you and whomever you would like to travel to China with. In this way, not only the tour itinerary is specifically customized for you, but also the whole tour arrangement will be organized according to your needs.

The benefit of private tours
How exactly your experience will be greater in our private tours? You will have a much greater sense of control and freedom from the very beginning of your tour, and feel more comfortable and secure during your tour. This is particularly important when you are traveling with children, seniors, or people needing special care. The benefits of going on our private tours are multifold:

1. Because you want to make your visit to China special and run smoothly

2. Choice of prestigious touring cars, vans and coaches

3. Carefully tailored programs to suit families, VIP's, couples and special interest groups

4. Unique historic places to stay can be included in your bespoke program 

5. Stay in the hotels selected based on your preferences, with our special consideration of the beds' softness as part of our hotel arrangement service;

6. A variety of show and entertainment recommended based on your interests, and you will be well-informed about its quality before going for them;

7. Worthwhile shopping avoiding common tourist shopping traps. Shopping or not shopping is up to you as we respect your desire.

8. customized itineraries
Most of the private tours we run are based on customized itineraries. The itineraries are tailored based on your interest, budget and number of days you wish to spend on the trip.

You don't have to adjust your schedule to join one of our tours (such as finding the right flights), we adjust our tours to fit your schedule.

On bus tours, it very often happens you have to be there for something you don't care much about (such as extensive time spent for shopping, for example), just because it is an included feature. No such thing on our tours. You get to do exactly what you choose to do, and see exactly what you choose to see.

Eat what you like, when you like it. Having local food can be a source of great experiences when you travel. But then, if you are on a group tour, you have to eat what everybody else is eating (since it's a set menu) and you might miss some great local specialties, simply because they might not be suitable for the "general tourist". Not to mention that you might not even be hungry, but the meal is in the itinerary, so you have be there.

Such on the fly changes to the itinerary are not a problem, and they are only an option on a private tour.

Customizing a route comes at no extra charge, and we will work on it for as long as it takes, so that we can offer you the perfect itinerary.

9. Most knowledgeable and experienced guides in China
Having an excellent guide is central to the success of a trip. On bus tours, even if you have a great guide, who has deep knowledge of his country, you might not get to ask the questions you to want ask, simply because he has to be available for some 40 passengers, and his time is limited.

On our private China tours, you have daily opportunities to get your questions answered. Our guides are all licensed, speak excellent English, and what is more important, they are passionate about their countries, and happy to show you around and share their knowledge.

Our guides also do thorough research before a tour, to be able to offer quality information, based on the interests of the upcoming client. Are you a history or architecture buff? No problem, we have just the right guide for you.

10. Meeting the local people
When you travel, admiring buildings and learning history is one of the ways to learn new things about the places you visit. But getting to interact with locals, seeing their villages, homes, eating home cooked food, this is the true learning experience that a private tour can offer you.

Sure, bus tours also offer "home stays", and "home cooked" meals, but when you sit at a table with 10 more people you have just met as you first boarded the bus, how much time do you actually get to interact with your host?

Our "home hosted" experiences offer you the chance to go where no large group could ever go (such as a Tibetan’s home in Tibet, or some ethnic groups’ homes in Guizhou, Guangxi or Yunnan) and since the host will only have to deal with a small number of friends, you will have a much more profound learning experience, not to mention that it will be great fun!

Home cooked meals are not the only chance to see 'real life" as it happens. Local markets or fairs in different areas, for instance, are great places to go to, and see the locals as they bargain for local products, or try to sell some of their home grown vegetables.


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