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The ideal vacation will give the most fun for the least spending, no matter it is a luxury trip or a low budget travel. Working in inbound tours for over 20 years, we know vary demands from customers and we have been updating all developments of China. This helps us to offer best solutions by customizing the trip in all possible items – interests, dates, accommodations, guides, etc. You will always get the best fitted China tours from us. Cheap China tour is among one of them.

Best Cheap China Tour Packages in 2024/2025

Best Valued 8 Days China Golden Triangle Tour
8 days
Best Valued 8 Days China Golden Triangle Tour
Beijing - Xian - Shanghai
From USD899
Cheap China Tours
21 days
Cheap China Tour for Young Adventurers
Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Dali - Lijiang - Kunming - Guilin - Hong Kong
Visiting The Great Wall in Beijing
10 days
Budget China Golden Triangle Tour
Shanghai - Xian - Beijing
From USD1080
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
20 days
Epic China Tour for Self-guided Travelers
Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Chongqing - Zhangjiajie - Guilin/Yangshuo - Shanghai
Beijing Niujie Mosque
16 days
Dynamic China Tour Designed for Budget Muslim Travelers
Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Chongqing - Guilin/Yangshuo - Shanghai

How to Plan a Budget Tour to China

When you plan for a cheap China tour (budget tour), you might need to work out a budget. It will take time to search travelling information and book flights, trains, hotels, etc. The following tips might help you save money on your upcoming China tours:

 Travel by train wherever possible

In general, the expenses on transportation command a big part of the budget. Train travel usually takes more time, but as China has the best high speed train system, it is now similar to flight travel. You can save a lot in this way. An example is, from Xian to Beijing, the full fare of the flight costs about 2,230 yuan (US$346), while train ticket cost only 516 yuan for 2nd class seat in high speed train, 400 yuan for soft sleeper and 255 yuan for hard sleeper in an overnight train. The difference between flight and hard sleeper train reaches 1,975 yuan (US$306), excluding one night stay on train.

 Booking flight tickets as early as possible

You can save money by planning ahead for cheaper international airfares to China. There are many online sites which provide info about low-cost airfares to China (such as;;;; You can research nearly any Chinese city and airline costs there. As Chinese local tour operator, Easy Tour China can also help with flight booking. You can compare the rates and ticket policy to make final decision. 

 Compare hotel rates in different platforms and travel agencies

Hotel expenses can also cost a lot if you do not have good choices. It is important to bargain for the rate at each hotel. There are plenty of online platforms selling hotels and some have better rates. While sometimes local travel agencies like Easy Tour China (we cooperate with more than 600 hotels in all over China, they give us big discount for our big purchase) have good cooperations with some hotels and enjoy favorible price. On the other hand, try to avoid the public holidays when booking hotels. Chinese hotels are often very affordable. During some public holidays, such as Spring Festival (usually at the first 10 days or the second 10 days of Feb.), National Holiday (Oct. 1-7), May Day (May. 1-3), the hotel rates could double or triple in some popular travel destinations.

 Stretch a travel budget for China in advance 

Not only by booking hotels and airplane tickets early but by planning out a basic itinerary. Of course, you have to know your preferences. Would you rather save money in China by being part of a guided tour or would you prefer to plan your own schedule? Either way, you can save money. Just be sure to compare costs and then commit to the chosen option.

 Choose join-in bus tours for some of your trip to China

In big cities or popular tourist cities, different types of one day or half day bus tours and mini group tours can be choosed. It might not be a problem to arrange your visit in the city, where transportation is convenient. While when you want to visit some places out of city like the Great Wall, or want to take some special tour experiences like loal food tour, you can join in a group to make it. Easy Tour China can organise a long-haul tours by booking trains and/or flights, accommodations and some bus tours, leaving most of the time for you to explore the Real China. Sure, a fixed dates China group tour is also a cheap and easy travel solution.

In Shanghai and Hong Kong, there are also hop-on hop-off sightseeing buses. You can buy a one day or two days ticket to do the city sightseeing. Shanghai has four lines (Line 1, 2, 3, 5) with over 40 stops for sightseeing, shopping and dinning. Hong Kong has two lines (Red Route for Hong Kong Island Tour and Green Route for Aberdeen & Stanley tour). 

 Look for excellent deals on holiday travel as well

It will be wonderful if you find a cheap flight or a discount of the train or bus. This means you will have less money to save up for your holiday travel. It may take some effort and some sacrifices but it will be well worth it when the holiday of your choice rolls around and you are able to go where you want to go.

 Book tour packages directly from  local China travel companies 

The prices are cheaper and the designs of those trips are more to your specific taste. It costs great time and energe to plan and arrange a trip, which is also a large amount of expenses and need to be considerred. Good online travel agency offer first-hand rates and they have better understanding of local travel. Sure, that's the biggest problem. But it can be solved by checking their reviews, their membership with international associations, their partners with world-wide platforms and countries. Better experiences worth the money. Like, you know most people who come to China and go visit the great wall have been travelled along the same path, which can be quite boring sometimes...somehow the local network provide you with some amazing choices for a hike in China that you have never had.

Based in Guilin, one of the most popular destinations for world tourists, Easy Tour China has over 20 years experiences of customizing private tours to mainland China including Tibet, Hong Kong and Macau. It's free to enjoy our travel specialists' 1-1 services including travel advicing and itinerary planning. 

 Select the right you want, not the most popular sites!

Decide which Chinese restaurants, cultural attractions and shopping experiences are affordable for your budget. In China, many restaurants are inexpensive, especially if travelers are willing to visit small restaurants frequented by locals. By planning ahead, you can enjoy the vast beauty and major attractions of China, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the trip is affordable and within your budget.

 Pack light and use a packing list

Do be aware that items allowed on other country's planes may not meet Chinese regulations. A packing list tailored to meet Chinese regulations could have saved you even more money.

 Best months to do a cheap China tour

The best season to visit China is April, May, October, but it is also the most expensive season. But to take a Cheap Tour in China, it is suggested to travel in late March, June, September, late November till middle December, which are good time for budget travellers to avoid peak rates and crowd of tourists.  

  • Late March, June - Avoid cold winter and hot summer. North China tour is recommended to avoid rain season in the south.
  • September - A good time between domestic summer vacation (July / August) and peak season of October. Lovely weather in most of China areas.  
  • Late November to mid-December - Post peak season and most areas are still with great sceneries and warm temperature.


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