China Tours with Children

Nowadays, traveling in China is a fashion trend. With great civilization and beautiful land, China becomes an ideal destination for parents bringing their children to enjoy family holidays. A family tour not only adds extra enjoyment to the trip to China, but also enhances the interaction and mutual understanding between parents and children. Traveling in China is safe, fun, full of child-friendly and educational activities to entertain the children.

As for the China trip planning, many aspects are needed to take into consideration. Moreover, sometimes it might be challenging and stressful when traveling with kids. However, making good preparations can generate a wonderful family holiday in China. Here below are 6 useful travel tips for your travel in China with children.

Travel Tip 1: Trip Planning

Children should be involved into the travel plan. Because children easily get bored and tired, the plan is preferably kid-centric, relaxed and flexible. Introduce several suitable travel options to them by showing information, pictures or websites descriptions to give them an impression to establish their own interests. Children's suggestions can give you a general idea about choosing the ideal one for the whole family.

Besides, you need to take location, weather, safety and health into consideration. Easy Tour China offers many interesting options for kids like flying kites, making Chinese dumplings, learning Chinese brush paintings, riding bikes in the countryside, bamboo rafting, etc.

Travel Tip 2: Travel Packages

● Passport & Visa & Insurance

Children's passport, visa and insurance should be the first thing you concern about. Acquaint with the series of policies of traveling to China. In most countries, children need their own visa on their passports and no longer share passports with their parents, sometimes children's passports expire faster than parents'. Therefore, please have a look at the validity of your children's passports before applying for the visa.

As to insurance issue, you are suggested to take the international travel plan with broader coverage. Usually in some countries, there are family-friendly insurance policies; the cost for children is minimal. >> Read more about China Travel Insurance

● Medical Kit

Before starting the trip to China, you'd better check children's physical conditions and make sure they are fit to travel. Traveling in China is safe and clean. The chances of picking up some horrible diseases are slim here. However, you still need to prepare some basic medical materials for discomforts and precautions.

Medicines for headache, stomachache, nausea, allergies, insect repellents, aid items like bandage, cotton swab, alcohol, etc. Moreover, you’d better bring a copy of children's medical record in case they fall sick and need to go to hospital. The medical record can help Chinese doctors better diagnose for exact treatment.

● Children Packages

Basic items like children's comfortable clothes, pajamas, socks and shoes fit for travel, umbrella and sunscreen to prevent from direct radiation, disinfectant gel and wet wipes for instant cleaning, spare shirt and washcloth for alternate use. While prepare diapers, changing pads and feeding bottle for infants, etc.

Camera and video camera are also essential as your children might enjoy taking photos or videos for the uses of their travel dairy. In addition, you can package children's favorite toys, books and snacks, which may keep the children amused and soothe their anxiety.

● For Adults

Please pack light since you can buy most of the basic items from Chinese supermarkets and department stores. However, if you have particular brands of goods, you may hardly find western brands in the countryside of China where may still be short of international logistics. Under this condition, you'd better stock up the necessities in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou to bring along with you to remote places.

Travel Tip 3: Transportation in China

In China, there are varied ways of transportation just as most western countries. You can check out preferential measures and discounts on transport fares and admission fees of scenic spots for children based on the height or age. Contact your travel adviser and discuss about the arrangement for the special needs of children.

On the Plane

You’d better have children's ears checked by pediatrician whether they can endure flight tinnitus before flying; Dress the children lightly for travel, because blankets are available from flight attendants; when the plane ascends or descends, you can let child chew gum to ease air pressure; on board, please help them with seat belts and force them not wander around while on transit; keep the children quiet as you can comfort them for sleep or play with their toys, read books or eat some snacks to disperse distraction.

On the Train

The similar safe consideration should be noticed since most of trains and train stations in China are over-crowded. In case to sustain accidental injury, always make your child sit away from an aisle to avoid being bumped by a person or a passing service cart. Since high-speed rail travel is getting more and more popular in China, you are suggested to have your children stay in the seats and not run around freely in order to prevent injuries.

On the Bus/Taxi

Long distance bus travel is not recommended in China, especially for international family travelers. Taking a taxi is cheap in China, while most of the drivers can’t speak English. So please prepare a note or a guidebook written in Chinese and English beforehand (hotel receptionist can do it!), which can tell the driver where you are heading for.

At Outdoors

You'd better prepare a note for children which includes your name, phone number, your hotel's name, address, your tour guide's name and so on information in case the children get separated or get lost; When passing cross road, hand in hand with them and tell them to wait for the green light and walk on the sidewalk; keep children close to you whenever and wherever traveling and not let them play alone for too long; warning children never to eat any brushwood to avoid poisoned or bitten by insects.

Safety of the children must be the first thing while travel in China. No matter where they go, parents have to be careful of young children while traveling to a country where you have never been before. Besides, preventing travel sickness is also very important. Some children easily get sick due to the environmental changes. If it happens, give them prepared medicine under doctor's advice. If they have physical situations during your trip, take them to the nearest hospital with the help of your tour guide.

Travel Tip 4: Lodging in China

Inquire your travel adviser or check online reviews like in advance to have an overview of the hotel facilities. Make certain that electrical outlet covers, doorknob covers and other childproof gear are equipped in the room. Put away any dangerous items that may have potential harm to children: sharp objects on the floor, metal pieces, glasses, ashtrays, matches, coffee maker, etc. Furthermore, familiarize your children with hotel facilities and emergency procedures.

Travel Tip 5: Eating & Drinking in China

As it is known to all, China is a paradise of gourmet. Children may have impulse to try food with interesting and colorful appearance. You should have a second check about the edibility of food if it is purchased from street vendors. Or if your children have certain foods or condiments, please tell your travel adviser or the restaurants in advance. As children are familiar with the flavors like KFC, McDonald's and Pizza Hut, you can easily find these western style restaurants in almost every city in China.

What's more, eating habits have big differences between the south and north China. For example, Southern city Chongqing is famous for its spicy hot pot, which may not suitable for children to eat too much. Northern city Xian may likely to eat dumplings and noodles with special local flavors.

Travel Tip 6: Recommended China Trip Ideas

China is a wonderful travel destination for families. Popular cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu, and Sanya all have their unique characters that are ideal for your children. For instance, in Beijing, experiencing the greatness of the Mutianyu Great Wall and flying kites at Temple of Heaven; in Shanghai enjoying the amazing traditional Chinese acrobatics; biking on the ancient city wall of Xian, marveling at the magical Terra Cotta Army; bamboo rafting through the picturesque countryside of Yangshuo, Guilin; taking photos with the cute pandas in Chengdu; or have cozy sun bathing and beach games at the beautiful beach of Sanya. Easy Tour China can provide more trip ideas to inspire you with options that suit you and your family during your next journey to China.

The children-friendly, fun and educational activities during China holidays will actually give the kids a life-time memory. Plan your China tour with kids to bring ultimate fun to the whole family with Easy Tour China now!

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