China Travel Company

When you plan to travel to China, you don’t need to research for hours upon hours reading through countless tours and packages that you have no interest in taking, even for a family vacation or honeymoon tours.

Choose a reputable tour company that you can count on: all the necessary information, and price advantage, worry-free travel experience, learning from locals are all the great things you get from that.

But how do I know what is the best travel agency for my tours in China? It is difficult to select one out of the many. Here below we listed the major concerns for the tourists, and based on it, you can possibly have an idea of how to plan a pleasant trip to China with a travel company.

Detailed Itinerary – There are many details to look up for the whole itinerary, most of travelers will focus on the price itself; but pay much more attention to details like which great wall section is listed, whether the cable car fees are included, should you need to go to some shops along the way….Professional travel agencies will list these in details in the itinerary with great tips for your trip.

Tour Guides– Most tour guides in China are university graduates, who received professional training in hospitality industry. Generally speaking, they are helpful, informative, young and energetic, with age ranging from 22 -40 years old. In some regions like Tibet, tours guides do not have a good command of English/other foreign languages as those in big cities like Beijing or Shanghai, please understand the situation with comparatively lower expectation.

If the guides intend to change the itinerary, or recommend something you don't really like, just feel free to call the tour organizer or travel company for help. Under some circumstances, if there exist misunderstanding and communication difficulties between you and the guide, the travel agency could possibly change a guide for you.

Hotels – Hotel star ratings in China are accessed by China Tourism Administration at provincial and national levels with strict criteria. Generally, brand hotels in big cities are more comfortable catering the needs of international travelers. Please note that Chinese hotels ranking is quite confusing sometimes, even the hotels labeled with the same stars can vary considerably in terms of facilities and services (breakfast and English speaking staff, etc) due to different cities and brand names.

Therefore, please check with your travel consultant or agency for more details about the room size, breakfast styles (Chinese or Western), bed size & the comfortness of beds (if a soft bed with thick mattress is a must to you, Chinese people tend to sleep in hard bed traditionally). Not all hotels offer non-smoking room, and the service in different hotels / cities are varied. If you read the reviews from, it is a good reference. But please don't count 100% on that, tourists who have different expectations on accommodation can't give you a full picture of the hotel.

Meals – With the booming of culinary culture in China, there are so many different kinds of local cuisines, western restaurants, Muslim and vegetarian food, that can cater to varied needs. Please inform your travel consultant/company of your food preference and taboos when planning a trip in China; or when you are on a tour, just kindly tell the tour guides in advance, and usually they will arrange accordingly. If you intend to dine at local restaurants, which can possibly be noisy, smoky with poor washroom, please specify to your trip planner beforehand, otherwise, you might be taken to the tourist restaurants in every city.

Cars – To make your journey easy and comfortable, you can choose a package tour in China. Then a private car/coach will be arranged for you based on the size of travel party. But please note that in certain areas of Tibet, Xinjiang, Sichuan and Yunnan, 4WD vehicles are required.


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