Year of the Dragon (Chinese Zodiac 2024)

According to Chinese zodiac signs, 2024 is the year of Dragon (龙), to be more specifical, a Wood Dragon year. Lunar new year starts from February 10 and ends on January 28, 2025.

Chinese Zodiac Dragon is the fifth of the 12 zodiac animals, following the rat, ox, tiger and Rabbit. People born in the year of Dragon -- an animal no one knows if it existed in real world -- is shrouded in mystery, and very charming. Dragons are usually smart, confident, decisive, dignified, romantic, ambitious, generous, and unpredictable. They could be brave adventurers, and passionate dreamers.

However, when encountering any setbacks, zodiac Dragons are easy to be disheartened and discouraged, and give up their dreams.

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  • Chinese Zodiac Dragon Years 
  • Dragon in Chinese Culture
  • Lucky and Unlucky Things for People Born in the Year of the Dragon
  • Chinese Zodiac Dragon Traits and Personality Base on Five Elements
  • Chinese Zodiac Dragon Love Compatibility
  • Guide for Dragons’ Career & Jobs
  • Zodiac Dragon Famous People
  • Dragons’ Horoscope in 2024
  • Chinese Zodiac Dragon Vocabulary & Idioms
  • Chinese Zodiac Dragon Years – Am I a Dragon?

    Back in the pre-Qin period over 2200 years ago, there was already the Chinese zodiac signs theory, So it is reasonable that Chinese Zodiac years are in sync with the beginning of Chinese Lunar New Year. If you have an idea of Lunar Calendar, you will know a Chinese zodiac year often start from late January and ends in middle February of the next year.

    Therefore, to see what your Chinese zodiac animal is, or to confirm whether you are a dragon, you need to change your Gregorian calendar birthday to Lunar Calendar of the year you were born. For example, if you were born on February 16, 1988 (a year of Dragon), the Lunar New Year’s Eve, which was so very close to Dragon year, but you are a Rabbit.

    In addition to 1988, do you know any other Chinese zodiac years of Dragon? We have a formula for calculating zodiac dragon years. That is any year with a remainder of 8 divided by 12 is the year of the Dragon (because Chinese zodiac signs go 12 years in a cycle). For example, 2024÷12= quotient, and the remainder is 8, so 2024 is the zodiac year of the Dragon. Recent Chinese zodiac Dragon years include 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024, 2036, etc.

    What’s also worth mentioning is that if two people were born in the different Dragon years, according to Chinese zodiac signs, they may have very different traits, personalities, and horoscope, due to the Five Elements, which are Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Each element comes in a 60-year cycle. 2024 is a Wood Dragon year, and next Wood Dragon year will be 2084.

    Finally, we answer the question, “am I a Dragon? If you were born in 1964 or 1988 (or other zodiac years of Dragon), you are most likely a Dragon, but there is also chance you are a Rabbit. With the table of the exact start date and end date of recent Dragon zodiac years, you can have a clear idea whether you are a Dragon.

    Recent Chinese Zodiac Dragon Years

     Dragon Years Start Date End Date Element
     1928 February 23,1928 January February 9, 1929 Earth Dragon
     1940 February 9,1940 January 26,1941 Metal Dragon
     1952 January 27,1952 February 13,1953 Water Dragon
     1964 February 13,1964 February 1,1965 Wood Dragon
     1976 January 31,1976 February 17,1977 Fire Dragon
     1988 February 17,1988 February 5,1989 Earth Dragon
     2000 February 5, 2000 January 23, 2001 Metal Dragon
     2012 January 23, 2012 February 9, 2013 Water Dragon
     2024 February 10, 2024 January 25, 2025 Wood Dragon
     2036 January 28, 2036 February 14, 2037 Fire Dragon

    Chinese Zodiac Calculator

    Select your date of birth and find out your Chinese zodiac sign.

    Chinese Zodiac Dragon in Chinese Culture

    Dragon, phoenix, turtle and Qilin were regarded as four auspicious spirits in ancient China. There are myths and legends of phoenix, qilin, dragon in ancient classics, like Classics of Mountains and Seas, but most people think they were imaginary. Only the Dragon among the 12 Chinese zodiac animals is “invented”, but it plays a crucial role in Chinese culture.

    1. The symbol of China

    For thousands of years, the dragon has been part of Chinese civilization and has become the symbol of China and the Chinese culture. The Chinese call themselves "descendants of the dragon". The dragon totem and painting are the most commonly seen ornaments the overseas Chinese community.

    2. Ancient emperors were called the real Dragon - Son of Heaven

    The reason why the dragon is revered by the Chinese people is that it has a close connection with the formation of Chinese civilization. In the era of gods, that is, the legendary "Five Emperors" period of ancient Chinese history, those heroes-- Huangdi, Zanxu, Emperor Ku, Emperor Yao, Emperor Shun, Emperor Yu--who promoted the accumulation of Chinese civilized factors, all have connection with the dragon in one way or another. In most of later dynasties of Chinese history, the kings were regarded as the real dragon – Son of Heaven.

    In traditional Chinese culture, dragon can be summarized as water-loving, good at flying, a communication bridge between gods and human, fickle, supernatural, and auspicious.

    3. Family of the Dragon

    Legend has that the Dragon has nine sons, who are 1) Qiu Niu (囚牛), a musical lover that can often be seen on the Chinese musical instruments; 2) Ya Zi (睚眦), often carved on the knife handle and sword scabbard; 3) Bi An (狴犴), adventuresome, often carved on the corners of ancient Chinese architectures; 4) Suan Ni (狻猊), looking like a lion, often seen on a Buddha’s seat or censer in the temples; 5) Tao Tie (饕餮), perhaps the earliest and most famous foodie in China; 6) Jiao Tu (椒图), often see on a traditional Chinese door; 7) Bi Xi (赑屃), the Chinese Hercules in a shape, 8) Chi Wen (螭吻), and 9) Pu Lao (蒲牢).

    Lucky and Unlucky Things for People Born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dragon

    Chinese zodiac animal - dragon

    Things to Bring Dragon Good luck

  • Lucky numbers: 1, 6, 8 and numbers containing 1, 8 or 6, like 16, 26
  • Lucky numbers for wealth: 1, 6
  • Lucky numbers for career: 2, 7Lucky Numbers for love: 2, 10
  • Lucky days: the 1st, 16th of every Chinese lunar month
  • Lucky colors: yellow, green, red, purple, brown
  • Lucky flowers: Forget-me-not, violet
  • Lucky direction: east, northeast
  • Lucky months: the 2nd, 3rd, and 7th Chinese lunar months
  • Lucky stones: red quartz rutilated, amethyst, topaz
  • Lucky places: range, village, bank
  • Things to Bring Dragon Bad Luck

  • Unlucky colors: green, black
  • Unlucky numbers: 4, 9
  • Unlucky directions: west, north, northwest
  • Unlucky months: the 1st and 6th Chinese lunar months
  • Chinese Zodiac Dragon Traits: Wise, Strong-minded, Ambitious, Confident...

    Time to learn the zodiac Dragon personality. People born in the year of Dragon are energetic, aspiring, romantic, strong self-respect, and a bit vain. Besides that, they are honest, forthright and sincere, and always turn their nose at dirty tricks. 

    According to Chinese zodiac signs, Dragons are highly capable, intelligent, and born to lead, with their own inner-direct opinions. And, they can think independent in the early years. Because they are too confident, they tend to encounter more small setbacks. but as long as a Dragon can hold on with their inborn strong will and don’t give up, they can learn lessons from setbacks, keep forging ahead, and succeed in the middle and late period of life.  

    Strengths of Dragon:

  • Zodiac Dragon people usually have a positive and optimistic personality. They are very responsible, courageous, and highly motivated; 
  • A natural leader;
  • They are usually energetic and can play a pioneering role in both work and life.
  • Warm, enthusiast, extroverted, very popular and charismatic;
  • They have exuberant enterprising spirit, noble ideals, and work with conscientious and responsibility.
  • Weakness of Dragon:

  • Strong self-esteem may lead to vain;
  • Too much confidence leads to self-conceit, and make Dragons not easy to accept defeat;
  • A Dragon is too stubborn to admit that he/she is wrong;
  • While being crave for greatness and success, Dragons are prone to doing things by halves;
  • Self-centered, always like to do things according to their own ideas, do not listen to others’ opinions;
  • Lack of patience;
  • Male Dragon Personalities

    Men born in the Chinse zodiac year of Dragon are unusually intelligent, talented, aggressive and self-conscious. They are ambitious in work, can play a pioneering role, are always optimistic, passionate, aspiring, and extremely diligent. A great leader of natural talent and quality, a Dragon seems to have a never-ending energy and drive. They also have noble faith, and are very honest, and decisive. Male Dragons seem to be domineering, but exclusive and generous to lovers and brothers. What’s more, most male Dragons are very good with money.

    Chinese zodiac dragon Love Compatibility

    Female Dragon Personalities

    In Chinese zodiac signs, women born in the year of Dragon are very resolute, brave, clear-headed and intelligent. They tend to dress casually in life and do not care much about their appearance, because their confidence emanating from inside is their biggest charm. Dragon girls advocate women's participation in politics, equality between men and women. Discrimination against women will make female Dragon women furious.

    Dragon girls pay more attention to their career than their relationship. Most of the time, romance is not as important as their career. However, after finding her true love, a Dragon woman can take good care of both her career and family.

    Chinese Zodiac Dragon Five Elements for Five Characteristics

     Elements Characteristics Recent Years
     Fire Dragon Free-hearted, egotistical, aboveboard, conceited 1916, 1976, 2036
     Earth Dragon Curious, aspiring, active, hard-working, but easy to stop halfway 1928, 1988, 2048
     Metal Dragon Unsophisticated, kind-heated, open-minded, direct 1940, 2000, 2060
     Water Dragon Humorous, positive, righteous, and popular 1952, 2012, 2072
     Wood Dragon Introverted, taciturn, passive, but very talented with strong inference capability 1904, 1964, 2024

    Chinese Zodiac Dragon Love Compatibility – Your Most Compatible Zodiacs

    Want to know whether your partner is best for you? The Chinese zodiac signs can help.

    Dragons are open-minded, aboveboard, energetic, and brave. When a Dragon always plays the leading role in work, how they behave in a relationship? What are the best and worst match for the Dragon?

    Best Matches: Rat, Money, Rooster

    Zodiac Rats have strong ability to adapt to the environment and are good at improvising. If a Rat is in love with a Dragon, he/she can help realize a Dragon’s shortcomings, effectively play to a Dragon’s strengths, and help a Dragon achieve a success in career.

    The zodiac Monkey, known as the Great Sage of heaven, can always distinguish right from wrong. Being with the Dragon, a Money helps Dragon to build a home for shelter, and the Dragon can focus on their grand goals.

    The Dragon and the Rooster are one of the most compatible Chinese zodiac signs. Because they have a lot in common. If a Dragon and a Rooster are in a relationship, there seldom quarrel or argue with each other, instead they often share exactly the same opinions.

    Chinese zodiac signs dragon

    Least Matches: Dog, Rabbit, Sheep

    The dragon and the dog have very different personalities, but both vain, pampered and provocative. Even though they share the same goal, they do not share the same understanding and way of pursuing it.

    Rabbit is sweet, gentle and kind, but also very sensitive, and don’t often express true feelings. Besides, they are lacking of a sense of security in love. When a Dragon and a Rabbit is in a relationship, the Dragon thinks the rabbit is too clingy, whilst the Rabbit can’t stand the male chauvinism of the Dragon.

    Dragons tend to be ambitious for the future, while sheep prefer to live for today. There is a big difference in their outlook on life and relationships. Also, the personality differences between Dragon and Sheep make it difficult for their relationship to work through.

    Dragon’s Love Compatibility with 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals


    Guide for Dragons’ Career & Jobs

    According to Chinese zodiac signs, Dragon have good career prospects and can adapt to almost any occupation during their lives. If they deliberately pursue a career, they seem to easily master and achieve success. If they abandon utilitarianism and pursue some lofty ideals or work in the fields of abstract science or art, they will also succeed

    Since Dragon people are born with smart, meticulous mind, they are usually not suitable to engage in some rigid work in terms of physical labor and mechanical operation. Instead, they tend to choose some jobs that can show their creative ability and thinking ability.

    From art, politics to academia jobs and other spiritual activities of high consciousness, Dragons would like to participate in and never get bored with them. In the field of Chinese literature, if they can take transcendent works as their development direction, they will surely make great achievements.

    Zodiac Dragon is most suitable for jobs like architecture, hardware, managers, designers, sales, military, bars. They are not suitable for jobs like police, real estate agents, painting and calligraphy merchants 

    Zodiac Rabbit Famous People


  • Vladimir Putin: born on October 7 (the 19th day of the eighth lunar month), 1952, Water Dragon
  • Artists:

  • Diane Kruger: born on July 15 (the 19th day of the sixth lunar month), 1976, Fire Dragon
  • Athletes:

  • Pelé: born on October 23 (the 23rd day of the ninth lunar month), 1940, Metal Dragon
  • Scientists:

  • Sigmund Freud: born on May 6 (the 14th day of the sixth lunar month), 1856, Wood Dragon
  • Zodiac Dragon’s Horoscope in 2024 - Year of the Dragon

    2024 is the Year of the Dragon. For those under the Dragon zodiac sign, it’s your Ben Ming Nian. In Chinese astrology, Ben Ming Nian (本命年), or known as the Chinese zodiac year of birth, refers to the year of zodiac animal in which one was born. Ben Ming Nian comes every 12 years. So the next zodiac year for friends belonging to the Dragon zodiac sign will be year 2036.

    According to traditional Chinese culture, people in their zodiac year will clash with Tai Sui, the God of Year, who governs an entire year. It’s believed that people in their zodiac year will likely face misfortunes or disturbances during the year, such as illness, physical injuries, financial loss, problems at work, etc. However, it’s not completely a year of bad luck for everyone in the zodiac year of birth. Some may have good opportunities instead of bad fortune.

    In 2024 Ben Ming Nian, Dragons’ fortune usually fluctuates. You tend to have negative thoughts, and tempers flare. For those in love, relationships will be volatile. You must learn to control your temper and avoid getting into unnecessary quarrels over small matters. If you can overcome the challenges during the zodiac year 2024, you may still accomplish a lot. But in general, keep calm, refrain from overspending, and try to manage your health. Don’t make any hasty decisions.

    Read the details of Zodiac Dragon’s horoscope in 2024 and follow the advice.


    Because of Fan Tai Sui, Dragon people in the year of Dragon 2024 should pay special attention to your personal health. Watch out for your stomach and digestive system, and minimize your consumption of greasy food. There will also be minor problems such as skin sensitivity and toothache this year. Please seek medical treatment promptly.

    The presence of unlucky stars “Jianfeng” and “Huangfan” may cause accidental injuries and diseases. Be careful of being injured by knives and sharp objects. Be more vigilant on the road when driving and never violate traffic regulations. If you are going to travel or go on business this year, you should avoid participating in high-risk activities for safety.


    Chinese zodiac Dragon individuals will have a positive career trend in 2022. Although there will be some twists and turns under the influence of Fan Tai Sui, fortunately, the auspicious stars “Jiangxing”, "Suijia", and "Guoyin" will provide strong support for you in the workplace. People born in the Year of the Dragon will usher in good luck. Despite the good luck in your career, you should be cautious.

    Chinese zodiac dragon horoscope

    Love & Relationship

    In 2024, the Dragon natives will face a test in your romantic relationships. Married Dragons and those who are in a relationship may experience disharmony or even breaking up. Dragons who are 24 and 36 years old should deal with emotional issues carefully and rationally to avoid making decisions you will later regret. 

    Due to the influence of Tai Sui during your zodiac year, Dragon people tend to be arrogant for other people. You should avoid using harsh words when communicating with your lover. Learn to treat your lover gently with respect to maintain a good relationship.


    The emotional entanglements of Ben Ming Nian will affect your judgment. In 2024, you’d better rein in your daily expenditure and adopt a cautious and conservative investment strategy. Pay special attention to significant fluctuations in wealth. It’s best to stay low profile and carefully avoid making major financial decisions in 2024, such as large-value or high-risk investments. 

    Due to the influence of “Suijia” and “Huagai” stars, Dragons are expected to earn income through hard work, especially those who are engaged in literary and artistic creation. However, “Huagai” star is bad for relationships. If your work requires contact with customers, it will be difficult to have your financial income reach the desired level.

    Chinese Zodiac Dragon Vocabulary & Idioms

     Chinese Pinyin English
     生肖 Sheng xiào Chinese Zodiac
     农历生日 Nóng lì shēng rì Lunar Birthday
     你属什么? Nǐ shǔshén me? What is your Chinese zodiac animal?
     我属龙 Wǒ shǔ lóng I am a Dragon in the Chinese zodiac signs
     龙马精神 lóng mǎ jīng shén The vigour of a dragon or horse
     龙飞凤舞 lóng fēi fèng wǔ Lively and vigorous in calligraphy
     生龙活虎 shēng lóng huó hǔ Lively and vigorous in calligraphy
     飞龙在天 fēi lóng zài tiān Flying in the sky
     龙凤呈祥 lóng fèng chéng xiáng Prosperity brought by the dragon and the phoenix (in extremely good fortune)

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